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General Music Composition/Analysis Packages

Bipscript a simple programming environment for creating music Features * instantiate and connect LV2 plugins to create audio and MIDI networks * schedule…, , , , , , , , ,
Bol Processor Produces music using a set of rules (a compositional grammar) or from text scores that can be typed in or captured from a MIDI instrument. Uses C…, , ,
Common Music Rick Taube's “truly general computer language for music composition” Common Music (CM) is a music composition environment that produces sound …,
Haskore Computer Music System * Haskore is a collection of Haskell modules designed for creating musical structures in a high-level style similar to functio…,
JFugue * <> Dave Koelle's Java API for music programming general_music_composition_analysis_packages java synthesis_and_composition…, ,
JMSL * <> JMSL is a Java API for music composition, interactive performance, and intelligent instrument design. With…, ,
KeyKit KeyKit used to be called Keynote. It is a programming language and graphical user interface for MIDI, useful for both algorithmic and realtime musical e…, , ,
MIDA * <> is MIDA, a minimalistic language for generation of MIDI files. MIDA is a minimalistic language for algorithmic gene…,
Musica * <> “... aims at the creation of a complete Mathematica package for the exploration of the interconnection between Mat…,
MusicScript * <> “ open-source music scripting language...” general_music_composition_analysis_packages synthesis_…,
OpenMusic * <> the famous software from IRCAM OpenMusic (OM) is a visual programming language based on CommonLisp / …, ,
ProteinMusic converts DNA sequences to music, requires Java general_music_composition_analysis_packages java synthesis_and_composition_packages, ,
Randomposer an automatic-music composer from Stephan Beyer general_music_composition_analysis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages unmaintained, ,
Scripts: Music * <> routines for Common Music, MIDI and music scripts in Perl, by Drew Krause general_music_composi…,
Strasheela Strasheela is a highly expressive constraint-based music composition system. Users declaratively state a music theory and the computer generates mus…
Subvert Audio * <> Niall Moody's “... music program designed to try and stimulate creativity in the user” ge…,
variations algorithmic composition app general_music_composition_analysis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages,
wx12Ton * <> utility for composing and analysing 12-tone rows, requires wxWindows general_music_composition_analysis_packa…,
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