Unmaintained projects

A list of projects that are no longer maintained.



ALSA MIDI Kommander DCOP interface exposing many ALSA sequencer features for shell scripts, Kommander scripts, or KDE programs requiring MIDI sequencer service… , , ,
ametro Simple MIDI metronome using the ALSA sequencer Obsolete. Latest release from 2003. See Drumstick Metronome alsa_seq metronomes unmaintained midi_sof… , , ,
BINARS * <http://binars.sourceforge.net/> “an open-source sequencer for Linux, ALSA, and GNOME”, from Michael Ashton unmaintained sequencers midi_softwar… , ,
cantor * <ftp://ftp.bath.ac.uk/pub/eespjl/cantor/> MIDI sequencer/editor project unmaintained sequencers midi_software , ,
fltracker unmaintained midi_software sequencers , ,
Improv C++ environment for writing programs that enable musician/computer interaction using MIDI instruments midi_software unmaintained development , ,
Introduction to OSS MIDI programming Only for the old OSS API (not ALSA). development and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs midi_software u… , , , ,
KMid KMid is a MIDI/Karaoke player for KDE4 that runs in Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. KMid plays MIDI and karaoke files to hardware MIDI devices or software sy… , , , ,
KMidiTracker excellent tracker-style MIDI sequencer from David Moreno Montero unmaintained sequencers midi_software , ,
Midge text-to-MIDI program from David Riley midi_software unmaintained ,
Midithing MIDI library in Python for an eventual sequencer from Tim Goetze midi_software unmaintained development , ,
pyalsa MIDI wrappers for Python, from Phil Frost midi_software unmaintained development , ,
Q-Midi a MidiShare interface for the Q programming language midi_software unmaintained development , ,
STed2 MIDI music composition environment midi_software unmaintained ,
sxpress controlling MMC compatible software & hardware with USB DAW controllers“ midi_software unmaintained ,
SysExxer utility for receiving, saving, and sending raw sys-ex messages midi_software unmaintained ,
Wired audio/MIDI music production system. Uses JACK. daw midi_software sequencers jack alsa_seq unmaintained , , , , ,


64 Studio From 2005 to 2008 Free Ekanayaka and Daniel James built a GNU/Linux distribution '64 Studio', which was the first fully native multimedia workstation… , ,
AGNULA * <http://www.agnula.info> was a GNU/Linux audio and multimedia distribution unmaintained distributions ,
ArtistX - eXtra ordinary art tools ArtistX - Audio Graphic Video Multimedia Linux ArtistX is based on Debian GNU/Linux and contains nearly all the available f… , ,
Demudi * <http://www.demudi.org> the Debian Multimedia Distribution now superseded by the Debian Multimedia project pkg_deb unmaintained distributions , ,
DidJiX A mixing deck in your pocket! DidJiX is the free and open source digital DJ software Mixxx powered by the simple and lightweight distribution Linux Arc… , , , ,
Dynebolic A GNU/Linux distribution “... shaped on the needs of media activists, artists and teachers” distributions unmaintained projects , ,
m-dist * <http://www.plus24.com/m-dist/> a Slackware-based “live” Linux system specially tuned for MIDI and audio use unmaintained distributions ,
Medialinux at OSL * <ftp://logx.it/mirrors/medialinux/> a Knoppix-based Linux distribution focused on multimedia unmaintained distributions ,
openmamba livestudio !- insert wiki page description here -! openmamba livestudio is a live release of the openmamba operating system for musicians, designer… ,
Pro-Audio Gentoo Overlay an overlay for the Gentoo GNU/Linux portage system. There are no releases or install medias for this. Just install Gentoo and use this… , ,
Tango Studio A complete Live (GNU/LINUX) distribution for musicians and professionals studios. Tango Studio is based on Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.1 to provide long te… , , ,
Turn-Key Linux Audio * <http://lulu.esm.rochester.edu/kevine/turnkey/home.html> a Linux audio distro from Kevin Ernste at the Eastman Computer Music Center … ,


AGNULA/DeMuDi + Pd (Pure Data) Installation Notes instructions from Derek Holzer and friends and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs unmainta… , ,
AlgoScore OSC graphical Sequencer A graphical environment for algorithmic composition, where music is constructed directly in an interactive graphical score. T… , ,
ALPY ALPY is a 3D sound kit, based op OpenAL, with a Python binding. It is (c) by Bram Stolk, and available under GPL license. Initially, this started out as … , ,
ATSH dsp utilities unmaintained , ,
Audiozip unmaintained audio_file_compress ,
Beat Monkey soundfile_util unmaintained ,
Beatfish Pattern-controlled drum sampler. Uses JACK for audio. Enlightenment for its GUI. drumming jack softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained , , ,
Big Ears an on-line ear-training utility, requires a Java-enabled browser and a Windows ActiveX component not made for linux unmaintained ear_training ,
Broadcast 2000 unmaintained a_v_editors ,
CD Builder generates cue sheets and subcodes cd_cue_toc unmaintained cd_software , ,
cdwrite Old command-line CD writing software cd_rip_burn cd_software unmaintained , ,
Ceres3 FFT processor/editor from Stanko Juzbasic unmaintained synthesis_and_composition_packages dsp , ,
Chionic * <http://www.reduz.com.ar/chionic/> (defunct) Linux sampling software originally from Juan Linietsky, now unmaintained from Chionic's Feature Li… , , ,
Chordpack for_guitarists_only music_notation_editors unmaintained , ,
Cumulus real-time granular synthesis with MIDI control softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained ,
dagrab audio grabber, CD to WAV cd_rip_burn cd_software unmaintained , ,
DarkWave Studio DAW An open source, Digital Audio Workstation for Windows daw unmaintained ,
Das_Watchdog monitors realtime processes so they won't hang your machine. Based on rt_watchdog, but has some more features and only turns off realtime priority… ,
Delfin a realtime software sampler unmaintained softsynths_and_samplers ,
DiffM a Java-based metronome metronomes unmaintained ,
DJ Krazy Old MP3/CD mixer. Uses OSS (not ALSA or JACK) unmaintained dj_tools ,
dsplab dsp unmaintained ,
Elara synth from Steve Brookes softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained ,
Emu speech_software unmaintained ,
erikyyyphone * <http://www.erikyyy.de/erikyyyphone/> Internet audio conferencing application, uses very little bandwith and handles network lags intelligent… ,
EsounD the Enlightened Sound Daemon, “can mix several audio streams into one device” and does network audio too sound_server unmaintained ,
FluidGUI GUI for FluidSynth. Written in Java, uses Swing. unmaintained fluidsynth softsynths_and_samplers java , , ,
FreeBoB The FreeBoB project has been superseded by the FFADO project. The FreeBoB codebase has been incorporated in the FFADO project's codebase. primary_reso… , , ,
Freecycle Beat slicer, very useful for defining and editing loops, also creates loop MIDI file jack jack_transport ladspa looping_software unmaintained , , , ,
Freq51 Realtime spectrum analyzer, and a patch which indicates frequencies as musical note-names scopes unmaintained effects_processors , ,
Fultron 2002 Old Pattern-controlled drum sampler. Uses SDL. drumming softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained , ,
FunktrackerGOLD mod_trackers_and_players unmaintained ,
GDAM Geoff & Dave's Audio Mixer, a mixer for the Linux digital DJ unmaintained dj_tools ,
GENPO Replicates the essential features of any pipe, theatre, or reed organ. GENPO reads a description of an organ (from a XML file) and presents a GUI for ope… , ,
GLAME audio_editors unmaintained ,
GNoise audio_editors unmaintained ,
GNU 3DKit unmaintained development ,
GramoFile unmaintained soundfile_util ,
Groovit Old command-line Pattern-controlled drum synth. Uses OSS drumming softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained , ,
GSI the General Sound Interface, an API with stereo sample play, 3D, Doppler fx, etc. development unmaintained ,
gsynth Roland TB-303 emulator programmed using fasttracker-style note entry softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained ,
GuineaPig2 unmaintained binaural_brainwave ,
Guitar FX Processor unmaintained
HASAS unmaintained utilities ,
HawkVoice game-oriented, multiplayer voice-over-network API... designed to be a portable, free, open source code alternative to Microsoft's DirectPlay Voice in… , ,
insoTracker mod_trackers_and_players unmaintained ,
InSpect synthesis_and_composition_packages unmaintained ,
Intercom “a simple voice over IP (VoIP) utility” unmaintained telephony_and_a_v_conferencing ,
JACK Rack * <http://jack-rack.sourceforge.net/> excellent utility for creating racks of LADSPA plugins jack alsa_seq ladspa unmaintained , , ,
JVOIPLIB telephony_and_a_v_conferencing unmaintained development , ,
Kexis unmaintained audio_file_compress ,
Khagan interface builder for OSC-based applications development osc unmaintained , ,
KHdRecord daw unmaintained ,
kluppe * <http://kluppe.klingt.org/> Loop player for files and live input, from d13b. looping_software jack unmaintained , ,
knack synth Knack is a modular sound synthesizer, it does Additive and FM synthesis. (.NET,C#) unmaintained
Lamp audio_editors ladspa unmaintained , ,
LASH Session Management Overview * <http://www.nongnu.org/lash/> - the LASH Audio Session Handler, for saving and restoring sessions with multiple programs … , ,
latency test analyzes scheduling latencies of programs running in realtime under high system loads unmaintained utilities ,
libgaudio game_things development unmaintained , ,
LiLAQ: Information on Linux Audio Quality The purpose of this site was to provide as much information as possible about how to get high quality sound on a Linu… , , ,
Linux MP3 Players Project Page a guide to the hard and the soft... mpeg_players_and_encoders documentation and_now_for_something_rather_different unmaintain… , , ,
Mathi's Music Magic real-time software synthesizer and audio processor; also available here (RPM only) unmaintained synthesis_and_composition_packages ,
MFFM Time Scale Modification for Audio soundfile_util unmaintained ,
MixMagic audio mixing program for GNOME, handles large soundfiles daw unmaintained ,
MiXViews audio_editors unmaintained ,
Mono monophonic real-time synthesizer softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained ,
MP3Mixer a system for mixing multiple MPEG audio streams in realtime unmaintained dj_tools ,
MpCut visualizes the power levels in each frame of an MP3 file, select and cut unwanted frames, then save the selected frames to a separate MP3 file mpeg_pl… ,
MSS GTK Synth. Uses OSS (not ALSA or JACK) softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained ,
MusiXTeX * <http://icking-music-archive.org> full-featured music typesetting via TeX (This page is also the main resource for other TeX-related notation pac… ,
MuX2D graphic editor for MusiXTeX files, from Lukas Gr&uuml;tzmacher music_notation_editors unmaintained ,
NJL Plugins unmaintained
NOTEMIDI kernel module for MIDI output via the RS-232 serial port sound_cards_and_drivers unmaintained ,
ObjectProDSP an X11 GUI for DSP design and implementation unmaintained dsp development , ,
OCTAL a project to integrate tracker-style composition with unit generator synthesis, from David O'Toole and the GNU project unmaintained synthesis_and_com… ,
Octavian Octavian is a realtime software synthesizer. Its design is like analog modular synthesizers, so it can be used both as a synth and as an effect proces… , ,
Oolaboola unmaintained dj_tools ,
OpenAL * <http://www.openal.org/> open-source audio library for games and multimedia applications, sponsored by Creative Labs and Loki Entertainment game… , ,
Pd Wiki wiki and_now_for_something_rather_different unmaintained , ,
PhonoRipper utility for ripping and recording audio CDs, requires SNACK cd_rip_burn unmaintained cd_software , ,
PKAudio sound_server unmaintained ,
play it slowly Play back audio files at a different speed or pitch. Uses JACK or ALSA (via GStreamer) Warning: This project is currently unmaintained. It has… , ,
pongserver client/server programs that talk to one another about the current location of the client objects in the server's playing field unmaintained netwo… ,
PSG Player a program for playing Atari tunes unmaintained game_things ,
Pymprovisator Python app for accompaniment and improvisation assistance. accompaniment unmaintained ,
pyTrommler GTK Pattern-controlled drum sampler written in Python drumming unmaintained softsynths_and_samplers , ,
Q-Audio/Q-MIDI useful extensions to the Q programming language unmaintained development ,
QRT QT port of Paul Lansky's Rt realtime soundfile mixer daw unmaintained ,
RadioActive radio application for Video4Linux-compatible radio tuner cards radio unmaintained ,
Randomposer an automatic-music composer from Stephan Beyer general_music_composition_analysis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages unmaintained , ,
ReZound ladspa jack unmaintained audio_editors , , ,
Rhythm Lab nice utility for realizing and testing polyrhythms, from Aaron Lav drumming unmaintained ear_training , ,
Rio Support hardware_linux unmaintained ,
Rio500 Linux drivers for managing the Diamond Rio MP3 player unmaintained hardware_linux ,
riofill a Perl script to fill a Rio with a random selection of MP3s unmaintained hardware_linux ,
S3MOD MOD/S3M module player unmaintained mod_trackers_and_players ,
Sapphire an audio synthesis language by Jim Finnis general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages unmaintained , ,
ShoutCastProxy Shoutcast multiplexer, lets multiple clients listen to the same ShoutCast session using only single-client bandwidth. network_audio unmaintaine… ,
Signal Applications To Audio Networks (SATAN) dsp unmaintained ,
SL Sound Library library for playing, mixing, and modifying sound samples in realtime, designed especially for games and simulations game_things development… , ,
SLab hard-disk recorder, will record up to 64 tracks Graphical user interface, and support to ALSA. No Jack-support. daw unmaintained ,
SLabio slabin and slabout are paired programs that provide command-line access to SLab data files unmaintained soundfile_util ,
soniK audio_editors unmaintained ,
sounddriver utility to start the proper sound driver (OSS or ALSA) sound_cards_and_drivers unmaintained ,
SoundSpace a Java GUI for Richard Karpen's space Csound opcode unmaintained csound_helper java , ,
Spiral Synth very cool realtime software synthesizer softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained ,
Spiral Synth Modular modular software synth, roll your own synthesizer with its plugins ladspa fltk softsynths_and_samplers jack unmaintained , , , ,
SpiralLoops a loop-based sampler with plugin support softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained ,
SUMOVER formerly the Robust Audio Tool, open-source streaming audio and conferencing software from UCL telephony_and_a_v_conferencing unmaintained ,
Sweep Audio editor with the ability to “scrub” audio. Supports mult-channel files, read/write many file formats, and LADSPA plugins. Uses OSS, or early ALSA … , ,
Tao physical modelling synthesis language and GUI general_synthesis_packages unmaintained synthesis_and_composition_packages , ,
Tranches Tranches, very much geared towards live use, calls itself a “midi-controlled multi-(inputs/outputs) live beat repeat/rearrange/redirect tool”. It is … , , , , ,
Ultra Power Effects Max II a realtime processor for full-duplex soundcards unmaintained
Ultramaster Juno-6 software emulation of the classic Roland analog synth softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained ,
Virtual Drum Machine Old command-line Pattern-controlled drum sampler. Uses OSS. drumming softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained , ,
Vocoditor oggvorbis unmaintained soundfile_util , ,
vstserver Kjetil Matheussen's remarkable (now deprecated) server for running VST plugins under Linux (requires WINE); this site also serves up Kjetil's vsti de… , ,
WASP A set of LADSPA plugins which includes both processors and generators. While being pretty simple and not CPU-hungry, they incorporate such interesting alg… ,
wav2cdr conversion utility to prepare WAV files for CD recording cd_software unmaintained ,
Whisper modular software for handling local or remote data streams, includes a VoIP application telephony_and_a_v_conferencing unmaintained ,
Xdrum drumming unmaintained softsynths_and_samplers , ,
XO Wave Java-based hard-disk recording/editing system Project is discontinued. New project for same people is Xonami daw unmaintained ,
Xsox unmaintained soundfile_util ,
Xtheater media player for MPEG video and audio, network streams, VCDs, AVI and ASF files players mpeg_players_and_encoders unmaintained video_software , , ,
Zefiro ZA2 driver from Martin Pahl sound_cards_and_drivers unmaintained ,
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