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Unmaintained projects

A list of projects that are no longer maintained.



ALSA MIDI Kommander DCOP interface exposing many ALSA sequencer features for shell scripts, Kommander scripts, or KDE programs requiring MIDI sequencer service…, , ,
ametro Simple MIDI metronome using the ALSA sequencer Obsolete. Latest release from 2003. See Drumstick Metronome alsa_seq metronomes unmaintained midi_sof…, , ,
BINARS * <> “an open-source sequencer for Linux, ALSA, and GNOME”, from Michael Ashton unmaintained sequencers midi_softwar…, ,
cantor * <> MIDI sequencer/editor project unmaintained sequencers midi_software, ,
fltracker unmaintained midi_software sequencers, ,
Improv C++ environment for writing programs that enable musician/computer interaction using MIDI instruments midi_software unmaintained development, ,
Introduction to OSS MIDI programming Only for the old OSS API (not ALSA). development and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs midi_software u…, , , ,
KMid KMid is a MIDI/Karaoke player for KDE4 that runs in Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. KMid plays MIDI and karaoke files to hardware MIDI devices or software sy…, , , ,
KMidiTracker excellent tracker-style MIDI sequencer from David Moreno Montero unmaintained sequencers midi_software, ,
Midge text-to-MIDI program from David Riley midi_software unmaintained,
Midithing MIDI library in Python for an eventual sequencer from Tim Goetze midi_software unmaintained development, ,
pyalsa MIDI wrappers for Python, from Phil Frost midi_software unmaintained development, ,
Q-Midi a MidiShare interface for the Q programming language midi_software unmaintained development, ,
STed2 MIDI music composition environment midi_software unmaintained,
sxpress controlling MMC compatible software & hardware with USB DAW controllers“ midi_software unmaintained,
SysExxer utility for receiving, saving, and sending raw sys-ex messages midi_software unmaintained,
Wired audio/MIDI music production system. Uses JACK. daw midi_software sequencers jack alsa_seq unmaintained, , , , ,


64 Studio From 2005 to 2008 Free Ekanayaka and Daniel James built a GNU/Linux distribution '64 Studio', which was the first fully native multimedia workstation…, ,
AGNULA * <> was a GNU/Linux audio and multimedia distribution unmaintained distributions,
ArtistX - eXtra ordinary art tools ArtistX - Audio Graphic Video Multimedia Linux ArtistX is based on Debian GNU/Linux and contains nearly all the available f…, ,
Demudi * <> the Debian Multimedia Distribution now superseded by the Debian Multimedia project pkg_deb unmaintained distributions, ,
DidJiX A mixing deck in your pocket! DidJiX is the free and open source digital DJ software Mixxx powered by the simple and lightweight distribution Linux Arc…, , , ,
Dynebolic A GNU/Linux distribution “... shaped on the needs of media activists, artists and teachers” distributions unmaintained projects, ,
m-dist * <> a Slackware-based “live” Linux system specially tuned for MIDI and audio use unmaintained distributions,
Medialinux at OSL * <> a Knoppix-based Linux distribution focused on multimedia unmaintained distributions,
openmamba livestudio !- insert wiki page description here -! openmamba livestudio is a live release of the openmamba operating system for musicians, designer…,
Pro-Audio Gentoo Overlay an overlay for the Gentoo GNU/Linux portage system. There are no releases or install medias for this. Just install Gentoo and use this…, ,
Tango Studio A complete Live (GNU/LINUX) distribution for musicians and professionals studios. Tango Studio is based on Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.1 to provide long te…, , ,
Turn-Key Linux Audio * <> a Linux audio distro from Kevin Ernste at the Eastman Computer Music Center …,


AGNULA/DeMuDi + Pd (Pure Data) Installation Notes instructions from Derek Holzer and friends and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs unmainta…, ,
AlgoScore OSC graphical Sequencer A graphical environment for algorithmic composition, where music is constructed directly in an interactive graphical score. T…, ,
ALPY ALPY is a 3D sound kit, based op OpenAL, with a Python binding. It is (c) by Bram Stolk, and available under GPL license. Initially, this started out as …, ,
ATSH dsp utilities unmaintained, ,
Audiozip unmaintained audio_file_compress,
Beat Monkey soundfile_util unmaintained,
Beatfish Pattern-controlled drum sampler. Uses JACK for audio. Enlightenment for its GUI. drumming jack softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained, , ,
Big Ears an on-line ear-training utility, requires a Java-enabled browser and a Windows ActiveX component not made for linux unmaintained ear_training,
Broadcast 2000 unmaintained a_v_editors,
CD Builder generates cue sheets and subcodes cd_cue_toc unmaintained cd_software, ,
cdwrite Old command-line CD writing software cd_rip_burn cd_software unmaintained, ,
Ceres3 FFT processor/editor from Stanko Juzbasic unmaintained synthesis_and_composition_packages dsp, ,
Chionic * <> (defunct) Linux sampling software originally from Juan Linietsky, now unmaintained from Chionic's Feature Li…, , ,
Chordpack for_guitarists_only music_notation_editors unmaintained, ,
Cumulus real-time granular synthesis with MIDI control softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained,
dagrab audio grabber, CD to WAV cd_rip_burn cd_software unmaintained, ,
DarkWave Studio DAW An open source, Digital Audio Workstation for Windows daw unmaintained,
Das_Watchdog monitors realtime processes so they won't hang your machine. Based on rt_watchdog, but has some more features and only turns off realtime priority…,
Delfin a realtime software sampler unmaintained softsynths_and_samplers,
DiffM a Java-based metronome metronomes unmaintained,
DJ Krazy Old MP3/CD mixer. Uses OSS (not ALSA or JACK) unmaintained dj_tools,
dsplab dsp unmaintained,
Elara synth from Steve Brookes softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained,
Emu speech_software unmaintained,
erikyyyphone * <> Internet audio conferencing application, uses very little bandwith and handles network lags intelligent…,
EsounD the Enlightened Sound Daemon, “can mix several audio streams into one device” and does network audio too sound_server unmaintained,
FluidGUI GUI for FluidSynth. Written in Java, uses Swing. unmaintained fluidsynth softsynths_and_samplers java, , ,
FreeBoB The FreeBoB project has been superseded by the FFADO project. The FreeBoB codebase has been incorporated in the FFADO project's codebase. primary_reso…, , ,
Freecycle Beat slicer, very useful for defining and editing loops, also creates loop MIDI file jack jack_transport ladspa looping_software unmaintained, , , ,
Freq51 Realtime spectrum analyzer, and a patch which indicates frequencies as musical note-names scopes unmaintained effects_processors, ,
Fultron 2002 Old Pattern-controlled drum sampler. Uses SDL. drumming softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained, ,
FunktrackerGOLD mod_trackers_and_players unmaintained,
GDAM Geoff & Dave's Audio Mixer, a mixer for the Linux digital DJ unmaintained dj_tools,
GENPO Replicates the essential features of any pipe, theatre, or reed organ. GENPO reads a description of an organ (from a XML file) and presents a GUI for ope…, ,
GLAME audio_editors unmaintained,
GNoise audio_editors unmaintained,
GNU 3DKit unmaintained development,
GramoFile unmaintained soundfile_util,
Groovit Old command-line Pattern-controlled drum synth. Uses OSS drumming softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained, ,
GSI the General Sound Interface, an API with stereo sample play, 3D, Doppler fx, etc. development unmaintained,
gsynth Roland TB-303 emulator programmed using fasttracker-style note entry softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained,
GuineaPig2 unmaintained binaural_brainwave,
Guitar FX Processor unmaintained
HASAS unmaintained utilities,
HawkVoice game-oriented, multiplayer voice-over-network API... designed to be a portable, free, open source code alternative to Microsoft's DirectPlay Voice in…, ,
insoTracker mod_trackers_and_players unmaintained,
InSpect synthesis_and_composition_packages unmaintained,
Intercom “a simple voice over IP (VoIP) utility” unmaintained telephony_and_a_v_conferencing,
JACK Rack * <> excellent utility for creating racks of LADSPA plugins jack alsa_seq ladspa unmaintained, , ,
JVOIPLIB telephony_and_a_v_conferencing unmaintained development, ,
Kexis unmaintained audio_file_compress,
Khagan interface builder for OSC-based applications development osc unmaintained, ,
KHdRecord daw unmaintained,
kluppe * <> Loop player for files and live input, from d13b. looping_software jack unmaintained, ,
knack synth Knack is a modular sound synthesizer, it does Additive and FM synthesis. (.NET,C#) unmaintained
Lamp audio_editors ladspa unmaintained, ,
LASH Session Management Overview * <> - the LASH Audio Session Handler, for saving and restoring sessions with multiple programs …, ,
latency test analyzes scheduling latencies of programs running in realtime under high system loads unmaintained utilities,
libgaudio game_things development unmaintained, ,
LiLAQ: Information on Linux Audio Quality The purpose of this site was to provide as much information as possible about how to get high quality sound on a Linu…, , ,
Linux MP3 Players Project Page a guide to the hard and the soft... mpeg_players_and_encoders documentation and_now_for_something_rather_different unmaintain…, , ,
Mathi's Music Magic real-time software synthesizer and audio processor; also available here (RPM only) unmaintained synthesis_and_composition_packages,
MFFM Time Scale Modification for Audio soundfile_util unmaintained,
MixMagic audio mixing program for GNOME, handles large soundfiles daw unmaintained,
MiXViews audio_editors unmaintained,
Mono monophonic real-time synthesizer softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained,
MP3Mixer a system for mixing multiple MPEG audio streams in realtime unmaintained dj_tools,
MpCut visualizes the power levels in each frame of an MP3 file, select and cut unwanted frames, then save the selected frames to a separate MP3 file mpeg_pl…,
MSS GTK Synth. Uses OSS (not ALSA or JACK) softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained,
MusiXTeX * <> full-featured music typesetting via TeX (This page is also the main resource for other TeX-related notation pac…,
MuX2D graphic editor for MusiXTeX files, from Lukas Gr&uuml;tzmacher music_notation_editors unmaintained,
NJL Plugins unmaintained
NOTEMIDI kernel module for MIDI output via the RS-232 serial port sound_cards_and_drivers unmaintained,
ObjectProDSP an X11 GUI for DSP design and implementation unmaintained dsp development, ,
OCTAL a project to integrate tracker-style composition with unit generator synthesis, from David O'Toole and the GNU project unmaintained synthesis_and_com…,
Octavian Octavian is a realtime software synthesizer. Its design is like analog modular synthesizers, so it can be used both as a synth and as an effect proces…, ,
Oolaboola unmaintained dj_tools,
OpenAL * <> open-source audio library for games and multimedia applications, sponsored by Creative Labs and Loki Entertainment game…, ,
Pd Wiki wiki and_now_for_something_rather_different unmaintained, ,
PhonoRipper utility for ripping and recording audio CDs, requires SNACK cd_rip_burn unmaintained cd_software, ,
PKAudio sound_server unmaintained,
play it slowly Play back audio files at a different speed or pitch. Uses JACK or ALSA (via GStreamer) Warning: This project is currently unmaintained. It has…, ,
pongserver client/server programs that talk to one another about the current location of the client objects in the server's playing field unmaintained netwo…,
PSG Player a program for playing Atari tunes unmaintained game_things,
Pymprovisator Python app for accompaniment and improvisation assistance. accompaniment unmaintained,
pyTrommler GTK Pattern-controlled drum sampler written in Python drumming unmaintained softsynths_and_samplers, ,
Q-Audio/Q-MIDI useful extensions to the Q programming language unmaintained development,
QRT QT port of Paul Lansky's Rt realtime soundfile mixer daw unmaintained,
RadioActive radio application for Video4Linux-compatible radio tuner cards radio unmaintained,
Randomposer an automatic-music composer from Stephan Beyer general_music_composition_analysis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages unmaintained, ,
ReZound ladspa jack unmaintained audio_editors, , ,
Rhythm Lab nice utility for realizing and testing polyrhythms, from Aaron Lav drumming unmaintained ear_training, ,
Rio Support hardware_linux unmaintained,
Rio500 Linux drivers for managing the Diamond Rio MP3 player unmaintained hardware_linux,
riofill a Perl script to fill a Rio with a random selection of MP3s unmaintained hardware_linux,
S3MOD MOD/S3M module player unmaintained mod_trackers_and_players,
Sapphire an audio synthesis language by Jim Finnis general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages unmaintained, ,
ShoutCastProxy Shoutcast multiplexer, lets multiple clients listen to the same ShoutCast session using only single-client bandwidth. network_audio unmaintaine…,
Signal Applications To Audio Networks (SATAN) dsp unmaintained,
SL Sound Library library for playing, mixing, and modifying sound samples in realtime, designed especially for games and simulations game_things development…, ,
SLab hard-disk recorder, will record up to 64 tracks Graphical user interface, and support to ALSA. No Jack-support. daw unmaintained,
SLabio slabin and slabout are paired programs that provide command-line access to SLab data files unmaintained soundfile_util,
soniK audio_editors unmaintained,
sounddriver utility to start the proper sound driver (OSS or ALSA) sound_cards_and_drivers unmaintained,
SoundSpace a Java GUI for Richard Karpen's space Csound opcode unmaintained csound_helper java, ,
Spiral Synth very cool realtime software synthesizer softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained,
Spiral Synth Modular modular software synth, roll your own synthesizer with its plugins ladspa fltk softsynths_and_samplers jack unmaintained, , , ,
SpiralLoops a loop-based sampler with plugin support softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained,
SUMOVER formerly the Robust Audio Tool, open-source streaming audio and conferencing software from UCL telephony_and_a_v_conferencing unmaintained,
Sweep Audio editor with the ability to “scrub” audio. Supports mult-channel files, read/write many file formats, and LADSPA plugins. Uses OSS, or early ALSA …, ,
Tao physical modelling synthesis language and GUI general_synthesis_packages unmaintained synthesis_and_composition_packages, ,
Tranches Tranches, very much geared towards live use, calls itself a “midi-controlled multi-(inputs/outputs) live beat repeat/rearrange/redirect tool”. It is …, , , , ,
Ultra Power Effects Max II a realtime processor for full-duplex soundcards unmaintained
Ultramaster Juno-6 software emulation of the classic Roland analog synth softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained,
Virtual Drum Machine Old command-line Pattern-controlled drum sampler. Uses OSS. drumming softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained, ,
Vocoditor oggvorbis unmaintained soundfile_util, ,
vstserver Kjetil Matheussen's remarkable (now deprecated) server for running VST plugins under Linux (requires WINE); this site also serves up Kjetil's vsti de…, ,
WASP A set of LADSPA plugins which includes both processors and generators. While being pretty simple and not CPU-hungry, they incorporate such interesting alg…,
wav2cdr conversion utility to prepare WAV files for CD recording cd_software unmaintained,
Whisper modular software for handling local or remote data streams, includes a VoIP application telephony_and_a_v_conferencing unmaintained,
Xdrum drumming unmaintained softsynths_and_samplers, ,
XO Wave Java-based hard-disk recording/editing system Project is discontinued. New project for same people is Xonami daw unmaintained,
Xsox unmaintained soundfile_util,
Xtheater media player for MPEG video and audio, network streams, VCDs, AVI and ASF files players mpeg_players_and_encoders unmaintained video_software, , ,
Zefiro ZA2 driver from Martin Pahl sound_cards_and_drivers unmaintained,
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