Aliki software for room impulse response measurement jack utilities dsp , ,
Almus VCU Makes a computer equipped with a multi-channel sound card into a real-time versatile convolver unit. convolution dsp ambisonics , ,
ATSH dsp utilities unmaintained , ,
BruteFIR Command-line app to apply long FIR filters to multi-channel digital audio, offline or in realtime. filters convolution development dsp , , ,
Ceres3 FFT processor/editor from Stanko Juzbasic unmaintained synthesis_and_composition_packages dsp , ,
dirac C/C++ object library that redefines the limits of what todays’ technology can do for your app if you want to change the speed and pitch of music independ… ,
DRC Generates digital room correction FIR filters to be used within HiFi systems in conjunction with real-time convolution engines like BruteFIR. filters deve… , ,
dsplab dsp unmaintained ,
faust * (faust.grame.fr) - homepage * online internet version * more screenshots * faust2pd - connect to puredata (pd) Faust is a functional… , , , ,
Faust Online This interactive Web site offers the possibility to write your own audio applications or plugins using the Faust compiler online. The website con… , , ,
FFTW C subroutine library for the “Fastest Fourier Transform in the West” development dsp ,
Fiview Graphically design/view a filter. Generates public domain source code that can be used directly in an app filters development dsp , ,
FlowDesigner * <http://flowdesigner.sourceforge.net/> interesting visual environment for building audio and signal processing applications development ds… ,
FreeADSP dsp
guitarix guitarix is a modular linux guitar mono amplifier to be used in a 'jackified' environment (Jack Audio Connection Kit). Guitarix provides one jack inpu… , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
GWC-lib the GNOME Wave Cleaner is now a library ! development dsp ,
jein a Java version of Ein, DSP learning software from Paul Lansky and Ken Steiglitz dsp java development , ,
Kiss FFT Very small FFT library, can use either fixed or floating point data types development dsp ,
LibDSP library of common DSP functions development dsp ,
libfilth digital-analog filter design library. development filters dsp , ,
libsamplerate Library for sample-rate conversion development dsp ,
lprev low-pass reverberator from the cmusic package reverb_delay dsp ,
Maaate mpeg_players_and_encoders dsp development , ,
Music-DSP Source Code Archive code for synthesis, filters, analysis, effects, and other DSP functions development dsp ,
nwfiir audio tools filters development dsp , ,
ObjectProDSP an X11 GUI for DSP design and implementation unmaintained dsp development , ,
Poles and Zeros filters development dsp , ,
Ptolemy homepage for the Ptolemy Project of the DSP Design Group at UCB and_now_for_something_rather_different development dsp , ,
PVC an extensive set of phase vocoder tools and utilities from Paul Koonce, with a Linux version from John Gibson development dsp ,
pyo midi_software osc development dsp , , ,
Scilab development dsp ,
Sig++ music signal processing in C++ development dsp ,
Signal Applications To Audio Networks (SATAN) dsp unmaintained ,
Signalgo DSP library for Java development java dsp , ,
sndpeek dsp utilities ,
SonaSound realtime music/sound visualization dsp utilities ,
Sonic Flow designs/simulates audio signal processing networks development dsp ,
Sound Processing Kit C++ class library for audio signal processing development dsp ,
Sound Ruler acoustic analysis software dsp utilities ,
SSPLab AudioAnalyser (SAA) Tool for analyzing audio signals in terms of its content. dsp utilities ,
Vocoder 16 channel vocoder effects_processors pitch_effect dsp , ,
Waterfall realtime spectrum analyzer for XMMS dsp utilities ,
xanalyser dsp utilities ,
XVOX realtime vocoder using LPC synthesis effects_processors pitch_effect dsp , ,
Zerius Vocoder C and Java source code for software channel vocoder. dsp development ,
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