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Aliki software for room impulse response measurement jack utilities dsp, ,
Almus VCU Makes a computer equipped with a multi-channel sound card into a real-time versatile convolver unit. convolution dsp ambisonics, ,
ATSH dsp utilities unmaintained, ,
BruteFIR Command-line app to apply long FIR filters to multi-channel digital audio, offline or in realtime. filters convolution development dsp, , ,
Ceres3 FFT processor/editor from Stanko Juzbasic unmaintained synthesis_and_composition_packages dsp, ,
dirac C/C++ object library that redefines the limits of what todays’ technology can do for your app if you want to change the speed and pitch of music independ…,
DRC Generates digital room correction FIR filters to be used within HiFi systems in conjunction with real-time convolution engines like BruteFIR. filters deve…, ,
dsplab dsp unmaintained,
faust * ( - homepage * online internet version * more screenshots * faust2pd - connect to puredata (pd) Faust is a functional…, , , ,
Faust Online This interactive Web site offers the possibility to write your own audio applications or plugins using the Faust compiler online. The website con…, , ,
FFTW C subroutine library for the “Fastest Fourier Transform in the West” development dsp,
Fiview Graphically design/view a filter. Generates public domain source code that can be used directly in an app filters development dsp, ,
FlowDesigner * <> interesting visual environment for building audio and signal processing applications development ds…,
FreeADSP dsp
guitarix guitarix is a modular linux guitar mono amplifier to be used in a 'jackified' environment (Jack Audio Connection Kit). Guitarix provides one jack inpu…, , , , , , , , , , , , ,
GWC-lib the GNOME Wave Cleaner is now a library ! development dsp,
jein a Java version of Ein, DSP learning software from Paul Lansky and Ken Steiglitz dsp java development, ,
Kiss FFT Very small FFT library, can use either fixed or floating point data types development dsp,
LibDSP library of common DSP functions development dsp,
libfilth digital-analog filter design library. development filters dsp, ,
libsamplerate Library for sample-rate conversion development dsp,
lprev low-pass reverberator from the cmusic package reverb_delay dsp,
Maaate mpeg_players_and_encoders dsp development, ,
Music-DSP Source Code Archive code for synthesis, filters, analysis, effects, and other DSP functions development dsp,
nwfiir audio tools filters development dsp, ,
ObjectProDSP an X11 GUI for DSP design and implementation unmaintained dsp development, ,
Poles and Zeros filters development dsp, ,
Ptolemy homepage for the Ptolemy Project of the DSP Design Group at UCB and_now_for_something_rather_different development dsp, ,
PVC an extensive set of phase vocoder tools and utilities from Paul Koonce, with a Linux version from John Gibson development dsp,
pyo midi_software osc development dsp, , ,
Scilab development dsp,
Sig++ music signal processing in C++ development dsp,
Signal Applications To Audio Networks (SATAN) dsp unmaintained,
Signalgo DSP library for Java development java dsp, ,
sndpeek dsp utilities,
SonaSound realtime music/sound visualization dsp utilities,
Sonic Flow designs/simulates audio signal processing networks development dsp,
Sound Processing Kit C++ class library for audio signal processing development dsp,
Sound Ruler acoustic analysis software dsp utilities,
SSPLab AudioAnalyser (SAA) Tool for analyzing audio signals in terms of its content. dsp utilities,
Vocoder 16 channel vocoder effects_processors pitch_effect dsp, ,
Waterfall realtime spectrum analyzer for XMMS dsp utilities,
xanalyser dsp utilities,
XVOX realtime vocoder using LPC synthesis effects_processors pitch_effect dsp, ,
Zerius Vocoder C and Java source code for software channel vocoder. dsp development,
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