JAVA software

AudioCutter Cinema Java app with an emphasis on editing “surround” soundfiles java audio_editors ,
BeatRoot java utilities ,
Beats By Design an “artificially intelligent drum machine”, requires jMusic and of course Java drumming java softsynths_and_samplers , ,
blue An Integrated Music Environment, powered by Csound. Blue is an open-source, cross-platform desktop application for composing music. Use visual tools toge… ,
BurnIT JAVA front-end for mkisofs and Cdrecord cd_rip_burn dead_link cd_software java , , ,
ChordCast for_guitarists_only java music_notation_editors , ,
FJenie graphic editor for Csound function tables, requires Java csound_helper java ,
FluidGUI GUI for FluidSynth. Written in Java, uses Swing. unmaintained fluidsynth softsynths_and_samplers java , , ,
FreeTTS festival speech_software java , ,
FScape java synthesis_and_composition_packages ,
Grammidity Java app generates music via a genetic algorithm. You supply instructions by writing a “grammar file”. midi_software synthesis_and_composition_pa… , , ,
Impro-Visor Java music notation program designed to help jazz musicians compose and hear solos. Rhythm-section (e.g. piano, bass, drums) accompaniment is autom… ,
jack4j development java ,
JASS * <> the Java Audio Synthesis System, from Kees van den Doel general_synthesis_packages java jack_session synthesi… , , ,
Javasynth Java-based system for creating fully working modular audio systems, which are assembled with programmed functional components. java synthesis_and_… ,
jein a Java version of Ein, DSP learning software from Paul Lansky and Ken Steiglitz dsp java development , ,
JEsd a Java implementation of EsounD java sound_server ,
JFugue * <> Dave Koelle's Java API for music programming general_music_composition_analysis_packages java synthesis_and_composition… , ,
jLyrics Java-based program for storing and editing lyrics song_lyric_tool java ,
jMax MAX for Linux and Java, from Fran&ccedil;ois D&eacute;chelle's team at IRCAM jMax is a visual programming environment for building interactive real-tim… , , ,
JMSL * <> JMSL is a Java API for music composition, interactive performance, and intelligent instrument design. With… , ,
JOrbis JOrbis is a pure Java Ogg Vorbis decoder. JOrbis accepts Ogg Vorbis bitstreams and decodes them to raw PCM. oggvorbis soundfile_util java , ,
JTuner Java web-based guitar tuner. for_guitarists_only instrument_tuners java , ,
LAoE LAoE means Layer-based Audio Editor, and it is a rich featured graphical audiosample-editor, based on multi-layers, floating-point samples, volume-masks, … ,
Live Loop - midi sequencer LiveLoop - create your loops in real time java software LiveLoop is a live midi sequencer that enables you to record loop whi… ,
Lyman song lyrics collection management software, requires Java song_lyric_tool java ,
Meloncillo Java-based GUI front-end for audio synthesis server software with spatialization controls (SuperCollider3 or Csound). csound_helper java ,
orDrumbox orDrumbox is a free drum machine software (written in Java), designed to be as creative as possible with unusual features : auto-composition, polyryt… , , ,
pitchbox effects_processors java pitch_effect , ,
ProteinMusic converts DNA sequences to music, requires Java general_music_composition_analysis_packages java synthesis_and_composition_packages , ,
Saiph Java app generates sequences made of tracks made of segments with musical events, currently notes and MIDI controllers. It supports MIDI and MusicXML fil… , ,
ScoreDate Java app that helps musicians to learn music reading. It is suitable for any skill, from beginners to professional users. From slow training to first… ,
Signalgo DSP library for Java development java dsp , ,
SoundGrid Graphical music composition, editing, and notation tool in the cartesian coordinate system. java synthesis_and_composition_packages ,
SoundSpace a Java GUI for Richard Karpen's space Csound opcode unmaintained csound_helper java , ,
Temperaments generates scales in user-selected temperaments (requires Java) temperament_and_intonation java dead_link ear_training , , ,
Tritonus an implementation of the JavaSound API, from Matthias Pfisterer, Florian Bomers, and others development java ,
Zerius Synth software synthesizer with Java GUI java synthesis_and_composition_packages ,
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