Ear Training

PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
Big Earsan on-line ear-training utility, requires a Java-enabled browser and a Windows ActiveX component not made for linux1997-01-01
ClamorCommand-line app that plays exercises to test hearing intervals, hearing chords, and hearing notes relative to the tonic or the root of a chord2005-01-16 
FTAPBeat-tapping and music-performance experiments2004-08-30 
JavaTunerdemonstrates unusual tunings and non-standard temperaments
phonascusStudy scales, intervals, chords. Practice score-reading.2015-24-9 
SolfegeGTK ear training app has exercises to learn intervals, chords, scales, rhythms, and more. Uses JACK2008-05-01
Temperamentsgenerates scales in user-selected temperaments (requires Java)
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