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aconnectgui FLTK-based GUI for ALSA's aconnect utility midi_software dead_link,
Amber * <> granular synthesis for Linux and MacOS general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_composition_pac…, ,
amidmap amidimap is a simple program that will read in MIDI events, process them, and output them again. midi_software alsa_seq dead_link, ,
ArchAudio !- ArchAudio wiki page -! The Arch Linux Pro Audio Community. distributions unmaintained dead_link and_now_for_something_rather_different, , ,
Audio Transcriber/Recorder a Perl/Tk utility for transferring audio tapes and LPs to CD cd_rip_burn dead_link cd_software, ,
AudioSlack * <> audio packages for Slackware users, from Luke Yelavich, inspired by PlanetCCRMA unmaintained dead_link distribut…, ,
BoChord a chord typesetting utility music_notation_editors dead_link,
BurnIT JAVA front-end for mkisofs and Cdrecord cd_rip_burn dead_link cd_software java, , ,
Cantus tag editor for MP3, OGG, and FLAC files mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link,
CDox tool for creating CD covers, requires Java cd_cover_design dead_link cd_software, ,
cdr “Create/Duplicate/Rip” front-end for ripping and encoding audio from CD cd_rip_burn dead_link cd_software, ,
Cmix * <> is from Paul Lansky and the Princeton Sound Kitchen musicv-based_languages synthesis_and_compos…, ,
Common LISP Music * <> comes from Bill Schottstaedt at CCRMA musicv-based_languages synthesis_a…, ,
Common Music Notation creates and displays traditional Western music scores music_notation_editors dead_link,
CornBucket * <> granular synthesis score generator for Csound and_now_for_something_rather_different dead_link,
Creox a JACK-friendly real-time sound processor effects_processors jack dead_link, ,
cuetools utilities for working with CD cue files and TOC files dead_link cd_software cd_cue_toc, ,
Data Transport in Linux Audio Applications An introductory text on some of the available data transport systems between and within applications, including a br…, ,
DBMix * <> software DJ digital audio mixing system the_linux_digital_dj dead_link,
dekagen a command line tool to automate ripping CDs and converting to MP3 or OGG/Vorbis format mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link cd_rip_burn, ,
Demeter * <> from Steve Harris, “... a thing for showing distortion in JACK systems, AD/DA converters or…,
DigitalDJ an SQL-based MP3 player front-end from Mike Oliphant, designed to work with his Grip mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link,
Drivers, IRQs, and PCI latency * <> excellent article by Dan Robbins (of Gentoo Linux) delivers the …, ,
dssi_convolve A handy convolution plugin from Florian Schmidt dead_link effects_processors dssi_plugins, ,
ecamegapedal * <> Kai Vehmanen's great virtual guitar-fx/studio effect box effects_processors jack dead_link, ,
ExEf Tom Olexa's cool “extreme effects” processor effects_processors dead_link,
Final Scratch * <> pro-audio computerized DJ system from Stanton Magnetics the_linux_digital_dj dead_link,
Flinger MIDI-to-speech synthesis system based on the Festival package festival dead_link speech_software, ,
freezetag Gtk+ based id3 tag editor for MP3 files dead_link mpeg_players_and_encoders,
Fugue * <> music & sound programming language by Roger Dannenberg general_synthesis_packages dead_link synthesis_a…, ,
gcombust GUI for mkisofs and Cdrecord cd_rip_burn dead_link cd_software, ,
GlobeCom Jukebox CD-to-MP3 ripper, database organizer, playlist coordinator and much more mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link cd_rip_burn, ,
gmc Translates text to a MIDIfile midi_software dead_link,
GRip Gtk-based front-end for CD-rippers such as cdparanoia and cdda2wav cd_rip_burn dead_link cd_software, ,
Gscore “a non-page-oriented notation program”, from Sebastien Tricaud music_notation_editors dead_link,
gtkVUmeter * <> software from the Wet Toad dead_link
GtkWaveform excellent audio widget library tools_to_make_tools dead_link,
GUIDO a music notation formatting system and server music_notation_editors dead_link,
haruhi haruhi - virtual analog sound synthesizer, host Currently there is only one developed plugin: Mikuru, virtual analog synthesizer. There are plans for L…
Hearnet * <> listen to your network traffic with Hans Fugal's “toy” for JACK jack dead_link,
How To Get Effective Low-latency Performance On Your Linux Box advice from Aaron Krister Johnson howtos_and_faqs dead_link and_now_for_something_rather_diff…, ,
IMPSKE GUI for Klatt formant synthesis algorithms klatt dead_link speech_software, ,
Input Maps “... provides user-customizeable mappings for controlling realtime objects with event streams” midi_software dead_link,
Interview With Andrew Morton KernelTrap talks with the author of the low-latency patches. interviews and_now_for_something_rather_different dead_link, ,
ISIP Speech Recognition Toolkit lists many other interesting speech-to-text tools dead_link speech_software,
IzSound C++/STL stream-oriented sound processing library tools_to_make_tools dead_link,
jack-keyboard * <> jack-keyboard is a virtual keyboard - a program that that allows you to send JACK MIDI eve…, , , * <> a JACK connection daemon, also from Rohan Drapes jack dead_link,
jack_transport Small command-line tool to access the JACK Timebase API, either as client or as master. jack_transport jack dead_link, ,
JackLab an openSuSE media-optimized Linux distribution pkg_rpm distributions dead_link unmaintained, , ,
jackmeter Basic console based DPM (Digital Peak Meter) dead_link jack,
JavaTuner demonstrates unusual tunings and non-standard temperaments temperament_and_intonation dead_link ear_training, ,
Jay'O'Rama * <> cool DJ tool for PCM/MP3/OGG playback and manipulation the_linux_digital_dj dead_link,
Jesusonic * <> “God's own effects processor”, it must be good... effects_processors dead_link,
jMusic is a Java class of functions for generating and manipulating MIDI musical data midi_software dead_link development, ,
Jooky MP3 controller, works via ncurses, TCP/IP, or LIRC mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link,
JSynthLib * <> universal synth editor/librarian project, requires Java midi_software dead_link,
KBlade a KDE front-end for BladeEnc mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link,
Kmp3te for viewing and editing tags to MP3 files mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link,
libjackasyn * <> G&uuml;nter Geiger's “... library that converts programs written for the OSS system into JACK-aware app…,
Linux Realtime Effect Processor LADSPA-based fx, aimed at embedded systems effects_processors dead_link,
Linux VST/VSTi Compatibility Page wiki vst dead_link and_now_for_something_rather_different, , ,
Lyric Display System edit/display lyrics on a second screen/projector for use at singing events such as church services“, from Chris Debenham song_lyric_too…,
MadJACK MPEG Audio Deck for the Jack Audio Connection Kit with an OSC based control interface jack dead_link mpeg_players_and_encoders, ,
mcontrol an ALSA sequencer client that can assign up to twelve MIDI control messages for the controllers on your MIDI keyboard midi_software dead_link,
MIDI Modules * <> for the Python programming language midi_software dead_link development, ,
MIDI-Perl “...a suite of Perl modules that allows you to read, compose, modify, and write MIDI files” midi_software development dead_link, ,
midi2gmn “...converts gmn (GUIDO Music Notation) files into MIDI files...” midi_software dead_link,
MidiComp reads and writes Type 0/1 MIDI files in SMF and plain text format midi_software dead_link,
mp3tools “...a set of utilities for working with MPEG audio files” mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link,
Musix GNU+Linux * <> a “live” music & sound distro distributions dead_link unmaintained, ,
Nmpg a front-end for mpg123. mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link,
Oggz API for reading and writing OGG files and streams tools_to_make_tools development dead_link, ,
Open-Source Speech Recognition Initiative (OSSRI) dead_link speech_software,
phazor creates ambient textures by a very interesting use of the FFT synthesis_and_composition_packages dead_link,
PHPAudioFile “...a class that is designed to recognize attributes of audio files” tools_to_make_tools dead_link,
pmidi a MIDIfile player for ALSA midi_software dead_link,
Puh Editor “... a tool for collaborative annotation of multimodal spoken language resources”, requires the SNACK audio toolkit dead_link speech_software,
puredyne Puredyne (previously known as pure:dyne) has been created to provide a complete and ready made environment for artists and developers who are looking …, , , ,
PyJack Python module to provide an interface to the JACK server jack dead_link,
Pyjackctl This project was created to take advantage of Nedko Arnaudov's JACK Audio Connection Kit (improvements) patches, especially the dbus one. jack pytho…, ,
quickwav Michael Moritz's uncomplicated sample browser and loop player; requires JACK jack dead_link,
RD JACK Apps * *JACK** applications from Rohan Drape jack dead_link,
RTmix * <> RTmix is Ivica Ico Bukvic's “performance tool geared towards persons interested in live and interactive electro-acoustic …, , ,
seq42 a fork of seq24 with a greater emphasis on song editing (as opposed to live looping) using tracks to organize your sequences; plus various other enhancem…, , ,
sloop.splitter “a realtime sound effect program...generates synthetic sounds from natural ones” synthesis_and_composition_packages dead_link,
SMS spectral Modeling Synthesis \\ general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages dead_link, ,
Snack a module to add sound I/O and visualization commands to Tcl/Tk tools_to_make_tools dead_link,
Spectroscopic Toolkit “64-bit phase oscillators for nanotonal synthesis”, from Pieter Suurmond general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages…, ,
spwave dead_link speech_software,
STK Perry Cook's excellent Synthesis ToolKit general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages dead_link, ,
Studio To Go! * <> a commercially available Linux distribution optimized for audio work and including a large selection of som…, ,
Temperaments generates scales in user-selected temperaments (requires Java) temperament_and_intonation java dead_link ear_training, , ,
The Book of Linux Music & Sound A book/CD by Dave Phillips, published by No Starch Press. hard_copy dead_link,
tkSound Dan Ellis's Tcl/Tk toolkit for waveform display and manipulation tools_to_make_tools dead_link,
tocgen command-line cdrdao TOC file generator dead_link cd_software cd_cue_toc, ,
Ultimate TOS Software Index includes a hefty section of audio & MIDI programs and_now_for_something_rather_different dead_link,
UltiMusE-LX music composition via standard notation and MIDI midi_software dead_link,
VOCP System Perl-based TAM/fax system, runs on top of vgetty telephony_and_a_v_conferencing dead_link,
VoiceApp dead_link speech_software,
Vorbis Development the place for Vorbis developers dead_link development,
Vorbis Xtreme oggvorbis dead_link other_webpages, ,
WONDER general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages dead_link, ,
xgmc midi_software dead_link,
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