MPEG Player/Encoder

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8Hz-MP3MPEG audio encoder 
BladeEncan MP3 encoder 
Cantustag editor for MP3, OGG, and FLAC files
darkiceLive HTTP audio streamer with support for JACK, ALSA, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Icecast 1, Icecast 2 and Shoutcast2011-10-31
dekagena command line tool to automate ripping CDs and converting to MP3 or OGGVorbis format
DigitalDJan SQL-based MP3 player front-end from Mike Oliphant, designed to work with his Grip
DigitalDJ EnhancedJukebox MP3 player lets you create a database of CDs in MP3 format, and play them uninterrupted based on song properties such as Artist/Disc/Genre/Tempo/Preference2002 
findmp3utility to locate MP3 files by artist, title, album, genre, etc. within a directory/subdirectories 
freezetagGtk+ based id3 tag editor for MP3 files1999-06-01
GlobeCom JukeboxCD-to-MP3 ripper, database organizer, playlist coordinator and much more
GQmpegGUI for "mpg123", supports playlists2004 
Hannover MPEG encoderfree MP3 encoder 
Jookyan MP3 controller, works via ncurses, TCPIP, or LIRC
KBladea KDE front-end for BladeEnc
Kmp3teprogram for viewing and editing tags to MP3 files
LAMEsource code for an encoder licensed under the GPL2008-09-22 
Linux.MP3 Toolsregarding MP3 + Linux2005 
Linux MP3 HOWTODescribes the hardware, software and procedures needed to encode, play, mix and stream MP3 sound files under Linux2001 
Linux MP3 Players Project Pagea guide to the hard and the soft...
Maaatean analysis toolkit for MPEG audio files 
MADRobert Leslie's GPL'd MPEG audio decoder 
MadJACKMPEG Audio Deck for the Jack Audio Connection Kit with an OSC based control interface
MJSconsole-based MP3 jukebox system2001 
Moe MusicWWW front-end for mpg123 
MP3BlasterCommand-line MP3 player 
MP3cCommand-line audio CD ripper + MP3 encoder2006-07-30 
Mp3Makeapp that glues together cd-to-mp3 rippers and encoders, and a cddb database2000-01-12 
MP3SBperl script that acts as a network interface to the rxaudio or a patched version of mpg123 player 
MP3'Techa great source for technical information on the MP3 format 
mp3tools"...a set of utilities for working with MPEG audio files"
MpCutvisualizes the power levels in each frame of an MP3 file, select and cut unwanted frames. Very old GTK app
mpg123Command-line MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 audio player/decoder for layers 1,2 and 3 
mpg321drop-in replacement for mpg123 
mpgeditMPEG 1 layer 1/2/3 (mp3), MPEG 2, and MPEG 2.5 audio editor that is capable of processing both Constant Bit Rate (CBR) and Variable Bit Rate (VBR) encoded files2009 
Nmpga front-end for mpg123
shn2makeutility to automate recording CDs and encoding MP3 and Ogg files from shn files 
Streamripper"...connects to streaming MP3 servers and downloads the tracks to your hard drive" 
toolameoptimized encoder based on LAME2003-03-01 
TwoLAMEMPEG-2 encoder 
WindowMaker audio appletsan equalizer for "mpg123" and mixers for ALSA and OSS 
XMMSexcellent player for MP3, MOD, WAV and other formats2007-11-16
XMp3Burnburn MP3 files directly to CD 
Xtheatermultiformat audiovideo player
ZinfPowerful audio player supports MP3, OggVorbis, WAV and CD audio.. 
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