Network Audio

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darkiceLive HTTP audio streamer with support for JACK, ALSA, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Icecast 1, Icecast 2 and Shoutcast2011-10-31
Freecastpeer-to-peer streaming system for OggVorbis audio and video 
GStreamerStreaming media framework that allows the construction of graphs of media-handling components, ranging from simple MP3 playback to complex audio and video processing 
GStreamer Pipeline EditorAllows easy, graphical construction, inspection, and operation of media processing pipelines 
Helix DNA ProducerMulti-format media-encoding engine for creating streaming broadcasts, on-demand streaming content, and downloadable audio/video files, supports RealAudio/RealVideo and OGG Vorbis 
Icecastis an MP3 audio broadcasting system 
javashoutJava app for shouting MP3s to a shoutcast server 
mod_mp3a module that gives MP3/ogg streaming capabilities to the Apache Web server2005 
MozPluggerautoplay embedded audio and MIDI files in the Mozilla Web browser 
MP3SBperl script that acts as a network interface to the rxaudio or a patched version of mpg123 player 
MPDserver-side application for playing music. Through plugins and libraries it can play a variety of sound files while being controlled by its network protocol 
MPEG4IPProvides an end to end system to stream MPEG-4 multimedia 
MuSEapp for mixing, encoding, and streaming of MP3 audio over a network 
NASthe Network Audio System2013 
ninjamRealtime Music Collaboration Software. Jam over a network. Uses ALSA2007-05-03 
pongserverClient/server apps that talk to one another about the current location of the client objects in the server's playing field2000-11-24
R-BOSSan open platform to freely exchange information and technical development for the professional broadcast community 
RadioSuite HDa Linux-based hard-disk storage system (hardsoftware) for high-performance network broadcasting 
5 Linux Media Players: Which is the Best Fit?review2012 
RPlayUDPTCP network audio system1999 
Shoutcaststreaming audio system 
ShoutCastProxyShoutCast multiplexer, lets multiple clients listen to the same ShoutCast session using only single-client bandwidth
Snake dance: The Kamaelia streaming media systema description from Daniel James2005-10-12 
Streaming Media With Linuxin-depth article on using software for both the client and server sides2001-03-23 
streamixerCommand-line tools to record/stream/mix audio over TCP/IP 
VLCcross-platform media player and streaming server2009-10-31 
WWRWorld Wide Radio, a low-bandwidth Internet radio client/server2000-07-22 
ZinfPowerful audio player supports MP3, OggVorbis, WAV and CD audio.. 
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