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AlsaPlayerGTK Wav/Mp3/Flac/CDDA/etc player with speed control, playlist. Uses ALSA or JACK2013 
Amarokexcellent feature-rich music player for Linux 
Aqualunga music player for GNU/Linux2015-07-26
MPlayerSimple media player, supports a large variety of video and audio formats
OggVorbis Playerfile player with GTK interface 
SnackAmpmultiformat player handles MP3/WAV/Ogg files, requires the SNACK toolkit 
squelchnice OggVorbis audio player with playlist and tag editor, requires Qt2010-03-17 
VLCcross-platform media player and streaming server2009-10-31 
XAnimplays a wide variety of sound and video formats1999 
xinea most excellent multiformat audio/video player 
XMMSexcellent player for MP3, MOD, WAV and other formats2007-11-16
XMovieDVD and Quicktime movie player, supports JPEG Photo, YUV2, and raw RGB modes, with stereo audio i.. 
Xtheatermultiformat audiovideo player
ZinfPowerful audio player supports MP3, OggVorbis, WAV and CD audio.. 
audiobrowse.bash<> - simple commandline audio preview of directories for sample-artists / musician and producers Because deadsimple audition of directories with samples should be easy peasy. bookmark, Simple Player, Soundfile utility, Utilities 
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