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Applications supporting the Jack Audio Connection Kit.

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ac3jack realtime AC3 encoding for JACK audio jack
Aeolus Pipe organ synth with 3 manuals and 1 pedal, 5 different temperaments, variable tuning, stereo, surround or Ambisonics output, flexible audio controls i…, , ,
Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer is an audio sequencer written in C using GObject and Gtk+. It features a piano roll, as well a synth, matrix ed…, , , , , , , , , , ,
Aliki software for room impulse response measurement jack utilities dsp, ,
Allegro C game programming library (also usable from C++) with sound support. game_things jack development, ,
ALSA Modular Synth AlsaModularSynth is a realtime modular synthesizer and effect processor. It features * MIDI controlled modular software synthesis * Rea…, , ,
AmbDec An Ambisonic decoder for first and second order. * 1st, 2nd and 3rd order 2-D or 3-D decoding. * Up to 36 speakers (could be extended). * Optiona…,
amsynth * <> very cool analog synth modelling from Nick Dowell * two analogue-style audio oscillators, featuring: …, , , ,
Aqualung A music player for GNU/Linux. Aqualung plays audio CDs, internet radio streams and podcasts as well as soundfiles in just about any audio format and …, ,
Ardour Professional-grade multitrack/multichannel hard-disk recording. Ardour allows you to record and edit both audio and MIDI data, add many different kinds…, , , , , , , , , , , ,
Argotlunar Argotlunar is a tool for creating surreal transformations of audio streams. Specifically, it is a real-time delay-line granulator. It disintegrates …, , , , , , ,
arpage 4 JACK Sync'd MIDI Arpeggiators w/ JACK MIDI I/O ports per Arpeggiator. Aimed towards live performance usage. jack jack_midi jack_transport midi_softw…, , ,
Audacity Audio editor and DAW, in GTK, with support for multiple tracks and 8, 16, or 24/32-bit samples, read/write many file formats, uses LADSPA and VAMP plu…, , , , ,
Ayyi A modular audio/MIDI production system Proof of concept for Service-based architecture. jack synthesis_and_composition_packages midi_software, ,
AZR-3 [JACK] A tonewheel organ with drawbars, distortion and rotating speakers. Uses JACK audio and MIDI. Based upon the AZR3 VST plugin by Rumpelrausch Täips.…, , ,
B.Angr A multi-dimensional dynamicly distorted staggered multi-bandpass LV2 plugin, for extreme soundmangling. Based on Airwindows XRegion. Key features: * …, ,
B.Choppr B.Choppr cuts the audio input stream into a repeated sequence of up to 16 chops. Each chop can be leveled up or down (gating). B.Choppr is the success…,
B.Jumblr B.Jumblr is a pattern-controlled audio stream / sample re-sequencer LV2 plugin. B.Jumblr is neither a sample slicer nor a step sequencer. From the te…, , ,
B.Oops Glitch effect sequencer LV2 plugin Key features: * Multi-effect plugin controlled by extended step sequencer patterns * Apply glitch effects in li…, , , , ,
B.SEQuencer Multi channel MIDI step sequencer LV2 plugin with a variable matrix Key features: * Step sequencer with a selectable pattern matrix size (8×16,…, , ,
baudline A time-frequency browser designed for scientific visualization of the spectral domain. Signal analysis is performed by Fourier, correlation, and raste…, ,
Beatfish Pattern-controlled drum sampler. Uses JACK for audio. Enlightenment for its GUI. drumming jack softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained, , ,
Bipscript a simple programming environment for creating music Features * instantiate and connect LV2 plugins to create audio and MIDI networks * schedule…, , , , , , , , ,
Blender The premier open-source 3D animation studio. a_v_editors jack jack_transport, ,
bristol synthesizer emulator Bristol is an emulation package for a number of different 'classic' synthesisers including additive and subtractive and a few orga…, , ,
Buzztrax A Midi tracker modelled on Buzz. If you’ve used tracker programs like FastTracker, Impulse Tracker, or the original AMIGA SoundTracker, that will giv…, , ,
Calf Studio Gear Calf Studio Gear is an audio plug-in pack for LV2 and JACK environments under LINUX operating systems. The suite contains 47 effects (delay, m…, , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Carla Carla is an audio plugin host, with support for many audio drivers and plugin formats. It has some nice features like automation of parameters via MIDI C…, , , , , , ,
Ceres create a Csound score from granulation of soundfile jack synthesis_and_composition_packages csound_helper, ,
CheeseTracker QT-based module tracker with support for LADSPA effects and multiple sound formats. jack ladspa mod_trackers_and_players, ,
Chionic * <> (defunct) Linux sampling software originally from Juan Linietsky, now unmaintained from Chionic's Feature Li…, , ,
ChucK an audio programming language for realtime synthesis, composition, and performance, from Ge Wang and Perry Cook general_synthesis_packages jack synthe…, ,
CLAM Framework for research and application development in the Audio and Music Domain. It offers a conceptual model as well as tools for the analysis, synthesi…,
ClockLoop Commandline loop player jack looping_software alsa_seq, ,
connie Simulation of an electronic organ like Vox Continental. A second model features a “poor musician's hammond”. Uses JACK for audio and MIDI. jack jack_mi…, ,
Creox a JACK-friendly real-time sound processor effects_processors jack dead_link, ,
Csound Barry Vercoe's gift to the world of computer music and sound synthesis Csound is a sound and music synthesis system, providing facilities for composi…, , , ,
darkice mpeg_players_and_encoders network_audio jack, ,
Demeter * <> from Steve Harris, “... a thing for showing distortion in JACK systems, AD/DA converters or…,
Denemo Denemo is a music notation program for Linux and Windows that lets you rapidly enter notation for typesetting via the LilyPond music engraver. Music can…, , , , ,
Din Use the computer mouse to pick both the pitch (by moving horizontally) and the volume (by moving vertically) of a sound from an on-screen pitch board that …, ,
DJPlay High-class live Qt DJ app. Uses JACK jack dj_tools,
drumkv1 drumkv1 is an old-school all-digital drum-kit sampler synthesizer with stereo fx. Features: * pure stand-alone JACK client with JACK-session and…, , , , , , ,
ebumeter Ebumeter provides real-time level metering according to the EBU R-128 recommendation. The current release implements all features required by the EBU …, ,
ecamegapedal * <> Kai Vehmanen's great virtual guitar-fx/studio effect box effects_processors jack dead_link, ,
ecasound daw jack_transport ladspa jack alsa_seq, , , ,
Eisenkraut Eisenkraut is a standalone, cross-platform audio file editor using the SuperCollider3 app jack audio_editors META:releasedate=2020-10-06~~,
Epichord Midi sequencer for JACK-Midi midi_software sequencers jack jack_midi jack_transport lash, , , , ,
fastbreeder An experimental genetic programming synthesiser. jack synthesis_and_composition_packages,
faust * ( - homepage * online internet version * more screenshots * faust2pd - connect to puredata (pd) Faust is a functional…, , , ,
Faust Online This interactive Web site offers the possibility to write your own audio applications or plugins using the Faust compiler online. The website con…, , ,
FFADO The FFADO project aims to provide a one-driver-fit's-all solution for FireWire based audio devices. It is currently under development. The FFADO project…, , ,
FluidSynth FluidSynth is a real-time MIDI synthesizer, for use directly in CLI and as a background process and resource for other applications, including GUI w…, , , , , ,
fluxus * <> * <> A small realtime render engine for Linux that generates animation from…,
fmit FMIT is a graphical utility for tuning your musical instruments, with error and volume history and advanced features like microtonal tuning, statistics, a…,
FreeBoB The FreeBoB project has been superseded by the FFADO project. The FreeBoB codebase has been incorporated in the FFADO project's codebase. primary_reso…, , ,
Freecycle Beat slicer, very useful for defining and editing loops, also creates loop MIDI file jack jack_transport ladspa looping_software unmaintained, , , ,
FreeWheeling live looping instrument from JP Mercury alsa_seq looping_software jack, ,
FreqTweak Provides several algorithms for processing audio data in the frequency domain and a highly interactive GUI to manipulate the associated filters for e…, ,
fsthost softsynths_and_samplers lash jack_session jack_transport jack, , , ,
gAlan Graphical audio language where you connect components like an effects chain. general_synthesis_packages jack synthesis_and_composition_packages, ,
ghostess * <> a rough start at a graphical DSSI host, based on jack-dssi-host, but capable of saving and restoring plugin …, , , ,
GJackTransport GJackTransport is a standalone application that provides access to the Jack Audio Connection Kit's, JACK transport mechanism via a dynamic graph…, ,
G. JACK Video Timeline Displays a movie as timeline of video-frames. gjvidtimeline can be synchronized to the jack audio connection kit transport mechanism. …, ,
GLASHCtl * <> GTK interface for controlling LASH and managing JACK port connections, from Lars Luthman. Works with the system…, ,
gmidimonitor GMIDImonitor is a GTK app that shows MIDI events. jack_midi alsa_seq lash midi_software jack, , , ,
Gneutronica GTK2-based drum machine drumming jack alsa_seq softsynths_and_samplers, , ,
gnuitar A guitar effects software that allows you to use your PC as guitar processor. It includes the following effects: wah-wah, sustain, distortion, reverber…, ,
GNUsound GTK sound editor with support for multiple tracks and 8, 16, or 24/32-bit samples, read/write many file formats, and LADSPA plugins. Uses ALSA or JACK…, ,
gtklick A simple metronome, providing a graphical frontend to klick. Like klick it offers native JACK support and four different sounds to choose from, but cur…,
guitarix guitarix is a modular linux guitar mono amplifier to be used in a 'jackified' environment (Jack Audio Connection Kit). Guitarix provides one jack inpu…, , , , , , , , , , , , ,
gxtuner a simple, small and lightweight guitar/bass tuner for jack. It's a break out of the guitarix tuner module. gxtuner comes with a analogue like full ar…, ,
Hearnet * <> listen to your network traffic with Hans Fugal's “toy” for JACK jack dead_link,
HexoSynth This project aims to create a modular synthesizer. Like those encountered in projects like VCVRack or Bitwigs Polygrid. The core idea is having a he…, ,
horgand FM-synthesis organ, JACK-aware, with DSP effects and programmable accompaniment alsa_seq fltk softsynths_and_samplers jack, , ,
Hydrogen Pattern-controlled drum sampler. Uses JACK or ALSA for audio, and ALSA sequencer for MIDI. ladspa jack_transport lash alsa_seq drumming jack ladish_l…, , , , , , ,
iannix OSC Sequencer IanniX is a graphical OSC sequencer for digital art. Create events and curves to control your real-time environment. * OSC ( Ope…, ,
InConcert * <> Live Tempo Adjustment for the Jack Audio Connection Kit !- InConcert application wiki page -! jack…, ,
Ingen (formerly known as om) modular synthesizer that runs under JACK and uses LADSPA and/or DSSI plugins for processing ladspa lv2 lash osc softsynths_and_…, , , , , ,
Based on this mail on LAU by Nathanael Anderson Intel-HDA JACK low latency howto I've seen asked many times on the list how to get intel-hda cards working …, , ,
JAAA the JACK & ALSA Audio Analyser, an audio signal generator and spectrum analyser jack signal_generators,
JACK For the cd-ripper named jack go here: jack The Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK) is Paul Davis's professional-quality low-latency audio server and transpo…,
JACK bitmeter JACK bitmeter is a diagnostic utility for JACK. As its name might suggest, the bitmeter operates at the bare metal of JACK's I/O layer, looking a…,
jack_delay This is a small command line JACK app you can use to measure the latency of your sound card. It uses a phase measurements on a set of tones to measu…,
JACK Rack * <> excellent utility for creating racks of LADSPA plugins jack alsa_seq ladspa unmaintained, , ,
jack-smf-utils * <> Jack-smf-utils is a set of two utilities - jack-smf-player and jack-smf-recorder - whose p…, , , , * <> a JACK connection daemon, also from Rohan Drapes jack dead_link,
jack_capture * <> Kjetil Matheussen's “small simple program to capture whatever sound is going out to your speakers” jack…,
jack_convolve Convolution engine for jackd“, from Florian Schmidt jack
jack_oscrolloscope Simple waveform viewer for JACK. The waveform is displayed in realtime, so you can always see the signal the instant it comes through JACK's…, ,
jack_snapshot a command-line based utility to store and restore JACK connection states jack
jack_transport Small command-line tool to access the JACK Timebase API, either as client or as master. jack_transport jack dead_link, ,
Jackbeat Pattern-controlled drum sampler. Uses JACK or PulseAudio. drumming jack softsynths_and_samplers, ,
jackctlmmc / QJackMMC Control JACK transport using Midi Machine Control (MMC) <> jack_transport alsa_seq lash midi_software u…, , , , ,
jacker tracker A MIDI Tracker with support for JackAudio/Midi. midi_software sequencers jack jack_midi, , ,
jackmaster “Master Console” for the jack-audio-connection-kit new alsa_seq lash mixers jack, , , ,
jackmeter Basic console based DPM (Digital Peak Meter) dead_link jack,
JackMiniMix simple mixer for the Jack Audio Connection Kit with an [OSC] based control interface mixers jack osc, ,
JackMix lash mixers jack, ,
- jackmixer - GTK (2.x) JACK audio mixer. lash mixers jack ladish_l1, , , A little gtkmm GUI to select lv2 plugs from a list and run them with jalv. Features: select jalv interpreter from combo box, select LV2 plugin fr…, ,
JAMin * <> JACK Audio Mastering, “... a tool for producing audio masters from a mixed-down multitrack source” jack_transport…, ,
japa The JACK & ALSA Audio Perceptual Analyser, is a 'perceptual' or 'psychoacoustic' audio spectrum analyser. In contrast to JAAA, this is more an acoustical…, ,
jcsound a JACK wrapper for Csound. jack csound_helper,
jdelay A small command line JACK app you can use to measure the latency of your sound card. It uses a phase measurements on a set of tones to measure the delay…
JJack jack development,
jkmeter A horizontal or vertical bargraph level meter based on the k-system jack effects_processors scopes, ,
jMax MAX for Linux and Java, from Fran&ccedil;ois D&eacute;chelle's team at IRCAM jMax is a visual programming environment for building interactive real-tim…, , ,
jmeters Excerpt from README: Jmeters is a Jack multichannel audio level meter app. It looks very similar to Meterbridge since it uses the same pixmaps. The m…
jnoise A command line JACK app generating accurate white and pink noise with Gaussian amplitude distribution. jack signal_generators,
Jnoisemeter a small Jack/GUI app for measuring noise levels to various standards jack utilities,
k_jack A minimal JACK compatible server and library implemntation for Pd. jack
klick klick is an advanced command-line based metronome for JACK. It allows you to define complex tempo maps for entire songs or performances. Features: * …, ,
kluppe * <> Loop player for files and live input, from d13b. looping_software jack unmaintained, ,
KPP Kapitonov Plugins Pack (KPP) - Set of plugins for guitar sound processing. Compatible with hosts such as Ardour, Qtractor, Carla, guitarix, jack-rack. The…, ,
Laborejo Laborejo, Esperanto for “Workshop”, is used to craft music through notation. It is a LilyPond GUI frontend, a MIDI creator and finally a tool collec…, , , , ,
LADCCA * <> introducing the Linux Audio Developer's Configuration and Connection API, “... a session management system for J…
ladish: LADI Session Handler Session Management Overview LADI Session Handler or simply ladish is a session management system for JACK applications on GNU/Li…, ,
LASH Session Management Overview * <> - the LASH Audio Session Handler, for saving and restoring sessions with multiple programs …, ,
libjackasyn * <> G&uuml;nter Geiger's “... library that converts programs written for the OSS system into JACK-aware app…,
lingot A musical instrument tuner. It's accurate, easy to use, and highly configurable. Originally conceived to tune electric guitars, it can now be used to tu…,
Linux Studio Plugins Project Linux Studio Plugins is a collection of open-source plugins: * Limiter * Dynamic Processor * Expander * Gate * Graphic …, , , , , , ,
Linuxsampler alsa_seq jack lv2_plugins softsynths_and_samplers, , ,
LiVES LiVES is a Video Editing System. It is designed to be simple to use, yet powerful. It is small in size, yet it has many advanced features. jack_transpor…, ,
luppp * <> * <> Luppp is a live performance program, it allows loading & re…, , , , ,
MadJACK MPEG Audio Deck for the Jack Audio Connection Kit with an OSC based control interface jack dead_link mpeg_players_and_encoders, ,
Mammut Mammut will FFT your sound in one single gigantic analysis (no windows). These spectral data, where the development in time is incorporated in mysteriou…,
Meterbridge jack
meterec meterec works as a basic multi track tape recoder. The aim of this software is to minimise the interactions of the users with the computer and allow th…, , ,
mhWaveEdit Simple GUI soundfile editor. LADSPA plugin support. Uses ALSA or JACK jack audio_editors ladspa, ,
Midingsolo midi_software alsa_seq jack, ,
Minicomputer Synth for creating experimental electronic sounds. Uses JACK alsa_seq softsynths_and_samplers jack, ,
Mixxx Mixxx is a DJ tool designed for live performance use. It allows you to mix music in realtime, just like you would with real turntables. jack dj_tools,
MPlayer Simple media player, supports a large variety of video and audio formats players jack video_software, ,
MusE MusE is a MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities written originally by Werner Schweer now developed and maintained by the MusE devel…, , , , , , , , , , ,
Mx44 a realtime software synthesizer very good for esoteric pads and ultra electric leads softsynths_and_samplers jack,
nama DAW based on the Ecasound audio processing engine. Provides a command interpreter with a Tk based GUI and project management using git. Productivity aids …, , , , , ,
netjack * <> networked JACK, from Torben Hohn jack
ng-jackspa ng-jackspa is a set of simple user interface programs that host a LADSPA plugin, providing JACK ports for its audio inputs and outputs, and dynamic …, , ,
Non-Mixer The Non Mixer is a powerful, reliable and fast modular Digital Audio Mixer, released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It utilizes the JACK…, , , , , ,
Non-Sequencer The Non Sequencer is a powerful real-time, pattern-based MIDI sequencer for Linux. It fills the void left by countless DAWs, piano-roll editors, …, , , , , ,
Non-Timeline The Non Time is a powerful, reliable and fast modular Digital Audio Workstation system, released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It ut…, , , , ,
obx Emulation of the 1980's Oberheim OBX series of hardware synths. jack softsynths_and_samplers,
Octavian Octavian is a realtime software synthesizer. Its design is like analog modular synthesizers, so it can be used both as a synth and as an effect proces…, ,
Open Movie Editor Open Movie Editor is a free and open source video editing program, designed for basic movie making capabilities. It aims do be powerful enoug…,
Patchage * <> Dave Robillard's modular patch bay for JACK and ALSA lash jack_midi jack midi_software, , ,
Patchmatrix Patchmatrix is a simplistic JACK patchbay in flow matrix configuration. It combines the best of both flow- and matrix-style patchbays thereby reduc…, , , ,
pd-l2ork A custom version of Pure Data used by the Linux Laptop Orchestra (l2ork). puredata jack alsa_seq max-like_environments synthesis_and_composition_pack…, , , , ,
petri-foo Petri-Foo is a sampler for Linux which is forked from the Specimen project. It brings many new features to the project such as: * Default sample/p…, , , , ,
PHASEX Synth built around flexible phase modulation and flexible oscillator/LFO sources. Modulations include AM, FM, offset PM, and wave select. PHASEX comes e…, ,
play it slowly Play back audio files at a different speed or pitch. Uses JACK or ALSA (via GStreamer) Warning: This project is currently unmaintained. It has…, ,
Pure Data Programming language for musicians. related: puredata alsa_seq ladspa osc max-like_environments jack synthesis_and_composition_packages, , , , , ,
PyJack Python module to provide an interface to the JACK server jack dead_link,
Pyjackctl This project was created to take advantage of Nedko Arnaudov's JACK Audio Connection Kit (improvements) patches, especially the dbus one. jack pytho…, ,
QARecord Simple multithreaded stereo recording tool jack simple_rec,
QJackConnect a QT-based patchbay for JACK jack
QJackCtl * <> excellent Qt-based application to control JACK and more... alsa_seq jack_midi jack jack_session jack_sessio…, , , ,
qjackLaM Qt-based latency meter for JACK jack
qjacktuner instrument_tuners jack,
QMidi* arpeggiator, controller box, event filter/router, all that and more from Matthias Nagorni midi_software jack,
QSynth Qt GUI Interface for FluidSynth softsynths_and_samplers soundfonts_and_related jack jack_midi midi_software, , , ,
Qtractor Qtractor is an Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application written in C++ with the Qt framework. Target platform is Linux, where the Jack Audio Con…, , , , , , , , , , ,
quickwav Michael Moritz's uncomplicated sample browser and loop player; requires JACK jack dead_link,
Radium unique graphic music-making environment with similarities to module trackers and MIDI sequencers. sequencers midi_software ladspa jack jack_midi alsa_s…, , , , ,
rakarrack Rakarrack is a guitar effects processor. Features: * 17 effects: Linear Equalizer, Parametric Equalizer, Compressor, Distorsion, Overdrive, Echo,…, , ,
RD JACK Apps * *JACK** applications from Rohan Drape jack dead_link,
ReZound ladspa jack unmaintained audio_editors, , ,
Rivendell a complete radio broadcast automation solution radio jack,
Rosegarden Advanced audio/MIDI sequencer, notation editor, Csound-score producer, score creation from MIDI input and more. Supports plugins (softsynths/effects…, , , , , , , ,
Rotter “Recording of Transmission/Audio Logger”, logging software for radio stations, requires JACK radio jack,
RTSynth midi event triggered real time synth. Uses ALSA or JACK. softsynths_and_samplers jack,
RTSynth softsynths_and_samplers jack,
SampleCat - Audio File Browser A very useful browser and catalog app. MySql and Sqlite can be used for the database. jack soundfile_util,
samplv1 samplv1 is an old-school all-digital polyphonic sampler synthesizer with stereo fx. Features: * pure stand-alone JACK client with JACK-session a…, , , , , ,
San Dysth This softsynth has controls to generate various kinds of sounds inbetween white noise and pure tones. It also provides controllers to disturb the gen…, , ,
sauditor jack soundfile_util,
seq24 Loop-based MIDI sequencer simplified for live performance. Uses ALSA sequencer interface jack_transport alsa_seq lash sequencers midi_software jack la…, , , , , ,
setBfree A DSP Tonewheel Organ emulator. setBfree is a MIDI-controlled, software synthesizer designed to imitate the sound and properties of the electromechan…, ,
SilentJack a silence/dead-air detector for JACK jack utilities,
simsam Simple sampleplayer softsynths_and_samplers jack,
Slag Pattern-controlled drum synth. Uses JACK drumming jack softsynths_and_samplers, ,
Slat “Sounds like a theremin”, neat synth software from James Shuttlesworth softsynths_and_samplers jack,
Smasher !- smasher wiki page description -! Cross-platform audio loop slicer designed to create sliced loops from WAV, MP3, FLAC or AIFF files in seconds with…, ,
Snd Sound editor modelled loosely after Emacs. It can be customized and extended using either s7, Ruby, or Forth. Related projects and documentation: ladsp…, ,
Snd-ls a version of Snd for those of us who “don't know Scheme very well”. snd ladspa jack audio_editors, , ,
Snd-RT realtime audio extensions for Snd. snd alsa_seq ladspa jack audio_editors, , , ,
Solfege ear training program with Gtk interface ear_training jack,
Sonic Visualiser advanced waveform/spectrogram viewer and audio annotation editor vamp dssi ladspa jack audio_editors, , , ,
SooperLooper excellent looping sampler from Jesse Chappell looping_software jack osc, ,
Soundtank Jacob Robbins' LADSPA host designed for making and playing softsynths. Soundtank hosts LADSPA plugins in “realtime objects” which embody the structu…, ,
Specimen a MIDI-controllable audio sampler from Peter Bessman, now maintained by Eric Rzewnicki Specimen seems abandoned, but has been forked into Petri-Foo…, ,
SpectMorph Analyzes samples of musical instruments, and combines them (morphing). It can be used to construct hybrid sounds, for instance a sound between a tru…,
Spiral Synth Modular modular software synth, roll your own synthesizer with its plugins ladspa fltk softsynths_and_samplers jack unmaintained, , , ,
Squeezer Squeezer is different from most compressor plug-ins: its knobs are stepped to fine-tuned preset values, but can be changed to continuous values by cli…, , , ,
Stochas Stochas is at it’s core a step sequencer, which means it generates MIDI notes. As such it does not generate any sound of it’s own but can be used to se…, ,
StretchPlayer Audio file player that allows you to change the speed of the song without changing the pitch. It will also allow you to transpose the song to ano…,
SuperCollider Realtime audio server and object-oriented sound synthesis language. Related Projects and Documentation: [Supercollider Wiki] general_synthes…, , , ,
Swami Sampled Waveforms And Musical Instruments (SWAMI) is a tool in progress for creating, editing, and combining SF2 SoundFonts. Uses JACK. jack audio_edito…, , , , ,
synthclone Synthclone “clones” MIDI-capable instruments. It does this by sending out MIDI data that instructs an instrument to emit sounds for a series of no…,
Synthpod Synthpod is both LV2 host and plugin. It can be run as a standalone app and be used as a tool for audio and event filtering or for live performances. …, , , , , , , , , ,
synthv1 synthv1 is an old-school all-digital 4-oscillator subtractive polyphonic synthesizer with stereo fx. Features: * pure stand-alone JACK client with …, , , , , ,
tapeutape alsa_seq lash softsynths_and_samplers jack, , ,
terminatorX enables hip-hop style “scratching” of WAV files ladspa alsa_seq jack dj_tools, , ,
TetraProc / TetraCal TetraProc converts the A-format signals from a tetrahedral Ambisonic microphone into B-format signals ready for recording. Main features: …,
Time Machine “I used to always keep a minidisc recorder in my studio running in a mode where when you pressed record it wrote the last 10 seconds of audio to t…, ,
TiMidity++ greatly extended and enhanced version of TiMidity. alsa_seq midi_software jack softsynths_and_samplers, , ,
Tranches Tranches, very much geared towards live use, calls itself a “midi-controlled multi-(inputs/outputs) live beat repeat/rearrange/redirect tool”. It is …, , , , ,
Traverso multitrack audio recording and editing program. Supports Jack, LV2, Jack Transport. daw jack_transport lv2 jack, , ,
TTtrigger TTtrigger is intended for theater use. It uses jack to trigger sound effects and other sounds to predefined audio ports. A shortcut key can be assign…,
tuneit command-line instrument tuner for ALSA and JACK instrument_tuners jack,
Tutka GTK MIDI tracker/sequencer. Uses ALSA or JACK. sequencers midi_software alsa_seq jack, , ,
Vmwaredspjack adds JACK support to Petr Vandrovec's vmwaredsp jack
wigwamjam “... grows sounds using your decisions to drive the evolution of genetically programmed synth functions” general_synthesis_packages jack synthesi…, ,
Wired audio/MIDI music production system. Uses JACK. daw midi_software sequencers jack alsa_seq unmaintained, , , , ,
Writing Audio Applications With JACK - A Tutorial/Journal excellent instruction from James Shuttleworth howtos_and_faqs jack development, ,
xjadeo It's the JACK Video Monitor, displays a video clip in sync with jack-transport or MTC. xjadeo has applications in soundtrack composition, video monitor…, , , , ,
XMMS excellent player for MP3, MOD, WAV and other formats mpeg_players_and_encoders ladspa players jack, , ,
xwax Play digital audio files (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC and more), controlled using a normal pair of turntables via timecoded vinyls. jack dj_tools,
YASS Yet Another Scrolling Scope. Main features: up to 32 channels, variable scrolling speed, automatic gain control, and very light on CPU usage. jack effect…, ,
Yoshimi Yoshimi is a software synthesizer, a live soft-DSP audio signal generator. It receives MIDI signals as input either from ALSA MIDI or JACK, and sends d…, , , , , , , ,
ZamAudio zam-plugins is a collection of LV2/LADSPA/VST/JACK audio plugins for sound processing developed in-house at ZamAudio. The default settings and almost …, , , , ,
zita-ajbridge !- << do not remove this special command -! zita-ajbridge provides two applications, zita-a2j and zita-j2a. They allow to use an ALSA device a…,
zita-at1 AT1 is an 'autotuner', normally used to correct the pitch of a voice singing (slightly) out of tune. Compared to AutoTalent it provides an improved pi…, , ,
zita-dpl1 DPL1 is an look-ahead digital peak limiter, the kind you would use as the final step to avoid clipping when mastering or mixing. It can be used as an…,
Zrythm A digital audio workstation designed to be featureful and easy to use. It allows limitless automation through curves, LFOs and envelopes, supports multi…, , , , , , , , ,
ZynAddSubFX ZynAddSubFX is arguably the most versatile and performant launch and play software synthesizer for Linux. It features polyphonic and multitimbral a…, , , , , ,
zynjacku JACK based, GTK (2.x) host for LV2 synths. Multi-timbral sound by running several synth plugins. lv2 jack_midi jack, ,
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