For Guitarists Only

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arcangelDistortion effect. Uses JACK
CAPSA set of LADSPA plugins for amplifier emulation, effects processing, reverb, EQ, etc2014-11-13 
ChordCastChord editor written in Java (swing). It uses an XML format to save chord sheets to files. Can also export to HTML files using PNG images for chords. Requires J2RE 1.4 to run.2002-12-23 
ChordpackPerl script whose purpose is to typeset song-books/songs written in chordpro format. The typesetting is done using typepesetting system TeX using macro package LaTeX2001
Dr Fermi Tabulatorconverts ASCII tablature to a standard MIDI file 
eTktabTcl/Tk app writes guitar tablature in the typical ASCII tab found on the Internet 
Gnome-chordLists and illustrates guitar chords/scales 
GnometabGTK guitar tablature editor 
GNUitarguitar effects processing2005-05-11 
GstringGTK guitar tuner. Uses OSS (not ALSA or JACK) 
GTKgepGTK guitar effects processor2003-01-23 
GuitarCodex PlusJava app allows a guitarist to see and hear chords, scales and displays associated guitar chords in a graphical representation. Using the mouse, fingerings can be made by clicking on the fingerboard 
guitarixrock guitar effects2017-08-11
GuitArpA pitch-tracking VST host and arpeggiator sequencer for use with live guitar. Input from your guitar is converted into MIDI notes and run through the arpeggiator sequencer2011-01-16 
GuitarTextakes a Chord file containing Chordpro directives to produce good-looking and easy-to-play song sheets for guitarists in PostScript or PDF format. You can use all available LaTeX features and packages to create a songbook or a single song sheet as you like it2002 
Guitar/Bass Mode MakerHelps the guitar player learn scales, modes, chords, and create new scales 
Guitar FX ProcessorCommand-line app simulates multi-effects pedals. Uses OSS (Not ALSA or JACK)2000-09-07
Guitar ProCommercial app to edit/print tab scores 
GuiTunerGuitar tuner 
gxplugins.lv2Analogue Guitar Pedal simulations2017 04 17 
gxtunersimple guitar tuner. Uses JACK2013-08-08
JTunerWeb-based guitar tuner 
KGuitarQt guitarist's environment, includes tablature and MIDI import/export features2010 
nootkaQt4 app that helps to learn score reading and guitar tabulature. Uses ALSA or PulseAudio2014
ptabtoolslibrary and utilities for opening PowerTab files and converting them to LilyPond and ASCII formats 
Rockin' in the Free (Software) Worlda look at the software available for Linux guitarists2001-07-20 
SongWriteSongwrite is a tablature (guitar partition) editor 
StompBoxesguitar fx processor with Gtk interface 
ToneFreeutilities for controlling Line 6 guitar amplifiers and preamps. Uses OSS 
TuxGuitarGuitar tablature editor/player written in Java-SWT. It can open GuitarPro, PowerTab and TablEdit files2013 
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