For Guitarists Only

CAPS The C* Audio Plugin Suite is a collection of audio plugins comprising basic virtual guitar amplification and a small range of classic effects, signal proc… , ,
ChordCast for_guitarists_only java music_notation_editors , ,
Chordpack for_guitarists_only music_notation_editors unmaintained , ,
Dr Fermi Tabulator converts ASCII tablature to a standard MIDI file tablature_software for_guitarists_only midi_software file_conversion , , ,
eTktab tablature_software for_guitarists_only ,
Gnome-chord for_guitarists_only chord_and_scale_utilities ,
Gnometab tablature_software for_guitarists_only ,
gnuitar A guitar effects software that allows you to use your PC as guitar processor. It includes the following effects: wah-wah, sustain, distortion, reverber… , ,
Gstring guitar tuner with GTK interface for_guitarists_only instrument_tuners ,
guitar pro for_guitarists_only tablature_software ,
Guitar/Bass Mode Maker Helps the guitar player learn scales, modes, chords, and create new scales chord_and_scale_utilities for_guitarists_only ,
GuitarCodex Plus Java app allows a guitarist to see and hear chords, scales and displays associated guitar chords in a graphical representation. Using the mous… ,
guitarix guitarix is a modular linux guitar mono amplifier to be used in a 'jackified' environment (Jack Audio Connection Kit). Guitarix provides one jack inpu… , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
GuitArp for_guitarists_only looping_software ,
GuitarTex for_guitarists_only music_notation_editors ,
GuiTuner for_guitarists_only instrument_tuners ,
gxplugins.lv2 LV2 plugins from the guitarix project. This package contain the following Pedal simulations: * GxBottleRocket.lv2 * GxHotBox.lv2 * GxVBa… , , , ,
gxtuner a simple, small and lightweight guitar/bass tuner for jack. It's a break out of the guitarix tuner module. gxtuner comes with a analogue like full ar… , ,
JTuner Java web-based guitar tuner. for_guitarists_only instrument_tuners java , ,
KGuitar tablature_software for_guitarists_only ,
KPP Kapitonov Plugins Pack (KPP) - Set of plugins for guitar sound processing. Compatible with hosts such as Ardour, Qtractor, Carla, guitarix, jack-rack. The… , ,
nootka Qt4 app that helps to learn score reading and guitar tabulature. Uses ALSA or PulseAudio. alsa_seq tablature_software score_recognition_software for_gu… , , ,
ptabtools library and utilities for opening PowerTab files and converting them to LilyPond and ASCII formats tablature_software for_guitarists_only ,
rakarrack Rakarrack is a guitar effects processor. Features: * 17 effects: Linear Equalizer, Parametric Equalizer, Compressor, Distorsion, Overdrive, Echo,… , , ,
Rockin' in the Free (Software) World a look at the software available for Linux guitarists on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips for_guitarists_only on-line_art… , ,
SongWrite the latest and greatest incarnation of what was formerly Jiba's GTablature Songwrite is a tablature (guitar partition) editor coded in Python and … ,
ToneFree utilities for controlling Line 6 guitar amplifiers and preamps via /dev/midi for_guitarists_only midi_software patch_editor , ,
TuxGuitar Guitar tablature editor/player written in Java-SWT. It can open GuitarPro, PowerTab and TablEdit files. for_guitarists_only tablature_software ,
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