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Music Notation Editors

ABC a language designed to notate tunes in an ascii format. (This page is the main resource for abc-related packages) abc music_notation_editors,
ABC Plus Project Enhancements for the ABC language, including “abcpp” (abc preprocessor) and “JedABC” (abc file editor) abc music_notation_editors,
abcMIDI renders abc score to MIDI file abc music_notation_editors midi_software file_conversion, , ,
ariamaestosa Cross-platform MIDI sequencer/editor. Lets users compose, edit and play MIDI files in a simple user interface offering score, keyboard (piano-roll…, , , , , ,
BoChord a chord typesetting utility music_notation_editors dead_link,
Canorus Canorus is a free extensible music score editor. It supports note writing, import/export of various file formats, MIDI input and output, scripting and …
ChordCast for_guitarists_only java music_notation_editors, ,
ChordDB a Web-based database front-end that keeps track of chord files (fake sheets), accepts Chord and ChordPro input files, and creates output in PDF, text, …
Chordpack for_guitarists_only music_notation_editors unmaintained, ,
Common Music Notation creates and displays traditional Western music scores music_notation_editors dead_link,
Denemo Denemo is a music notation program for Linux and Windows that lets you rapidly enter notation for typesetting via the LilyPond music engraver. Music can…, , , , ,
Gscore “a non-page-oriented notation program”, from Sebastien Tricaud music_notation_editors dead_link,
Gsharp extensible Lisp-based music score editor music_notation_editors
GUIDO a music notation formatting system and server music_notation_editors dead_link,
GuitarTex for_guitarists_only music_notation_editors,
Jef's ABC page Extension software for ABC, includes abc2mps (abc files to Postscript) and tclabc (Tcl/Tk interface for abc files) abc music_notation_editors,
Katmus A Qt4 app for manual music transcription. Features a score editor synchronized with a wave file, time stretching, audio analysis through the fast Fourie…
Laborejo Laborejo, Esperanto for “Workshop”, is used to craft music through notation. It is a LilyPond GUI frontend, a MIDI creator and finally a tool collec…, , , , ,
LilyComp “This program was written to speed up the creation of lead sheets. It just enters notes and rests with the indicated duration.” lilypond music_nota…,
LilyPond The music typesetter for Linux, outputs TeX, PostScript, PDF, and MIDI files, with an awesome features set and beautiful notation LilyPond-relate…,
LilyPond Guide For Beginners * <> a set of introductory tutorials from Eugene Cormier lilypond music_notation_editors and_…, , ,
Mup music_notation_editors
MUP Utilities Utilities for use with Mup music_notation_editors
MuseScore MuseScore is a cross-platform scorewriter supporting a wide variety of file formats and input methods. lilypond music_notation_editors,
MusicXML “... a universal translator for common Western musical notation... designed as an interchange format for notation, analysis, retrieval, and performanc…,
MusiXTeX * <> full-featured music typesetting via TeX (This page is also the main resource for other TeX-related notation pac…,
MuX2D graphic editor for MusiXTeX files, from Lukas Gr&uuml;tzmacher music_notation_editors unmaintained,
Notation Editors Under Linux a look at notation editors for producing sheet music (especially focused on Mup). on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_d…, ,
NoteEdit Qt-based notation editor with output in LilyPond, MIDI, and MusicXML formats lilypond music_notation_editors,
OOoLilyPond a neat macro for inserting LilyPond-created music notation into documents, from Samuel Hartmann lilypond music_notation_editors,
PMW Philip's Music Writer, an easy-to-use music typesetting program lilypond music_notation_editors,
Printable Manuscript Paper Blank manuscript in PostScript and PDF formats music_notation_editors
Rosegarden Advanced audio/MIDI sequencer, notation editor, Csound-score producer, score creation from MIDI input and more. Supports plugins (softsynths/effects…, , , , , , , ,
XCircuit a drawing package for X which includes some very nice music typography and outputs Postscript files music_notation_editors
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