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Achieving Low-Latency Response Times Under Linux on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs, ,
AGNULA/DeMuDi + Pd (Pure Data) Installation Notes instructions from Derek Holzer and friends and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs unmainta…, ,
ALSA Programming HOWTO A guide for the perplexed howtos_and_faqs development and_now_for_something_rather_different midi_software, , ,
Audio Processing Pipelines howtos_and_faqs soundfile_util sox, ,
Building Sounds for your Applications with SoundTracker * <> sage advice from the experts at LinuxPl…,
Buzz Tracker On Linux mod_trackers_and_players howtos_and_faqs and_now_for_something_rather_different, ,
comp.speech Speech FAQ speech_software and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs, ,
Converting 78 rpm Records to Modern Media on Linux * <> a descriptive text from James Tappin and_now_for_somethin…,
Creating Audio CDs With Linux an in-depth hands-on HOWTO on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs, ,
Developing and Using Snd: Editing Sound Under Linux on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips snd and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs, , ,
Driving One's Own Audio Device Write a custom (not ALSA) kernel driver. and_now_for_something_rather_different development howtos_and_faqs, ,
Editing Audio In Linux howtos_and_faqs soundfile_util,
Guide to linux sound APIs it is very difficult for programmers to figure out which audio API to use for which purpose and which API not to use when doing audio…,
How to fine-tune MPlayer and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs,
How To Get Effective Low-latency Performance On Your Linux Box advice from Aaron Krister Johnson howtos_and_faqs dead_link and_now_for_something_rather_diff…, ,
Based on this mail on LAU by Nathanael Anderson Intel-HDA JACK low latency howto I've seen asked many times on the list how to get intel-hda cards working …, , ,
Introduction to OSS MIDI programming Only for the old OSS API (not ALSA). development and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs midi_software u…, , , ,
L'heure de Jazz++ jazzpp and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs, ,
LiLAQ: Information on Linux Audio Quality The purpose of this site was to provide as much information as possible about how to get high quality sound on a Linu…, , ,
LilyPond Guide For Beginners * <> a set of introductory tutorials from Eugene Cormier lilypond music_notation_editors and_…, , ,
Linux Audio User FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) General Q: Where to ask a question ? A: There are different mailing lists. Visit Resources at linuxaudio.o…
Linux Laptop Sound Configuration Sound setup for an HP Omnibook 4150 on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips howtos_and_faqs hardware_linux, ,
Linux MIDI Demonstration An old guide for OSS, made obsolete by ALSA midi howtos_and_faqs and_now_for_something_rather_different, ,
Linux MIDI HOWTO Valuable advice from Phil Kerr midi howtos_and_faqs and_now_for_something_rather_different, ,
Linux MP3 HOWTO documentation from Phil Kerr mpeg_players_and_encoders and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs, ,
ltsb Julian Classen's guide to the Linux text-based studio project howtos_and_faqs and_now_for_something_rather_different,
Modular synthesis with AlsaModularSynth 1.5.4 Good general overview of modular synthesis and its implementation in Dr. Matthias Nagorni's excellent synthesizer…,
Programmer's Guide To OSS sound & MIDI device programming, from 4Front howtos_and_faqs development,
Quick Toots tutorials for users of Linux sound and MIDI software howtos_and_faqs
Radio Timeshifting How to do it with ecasound ecasound radio and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs, , ,
Raspberry Pi and realtime, low-latency audio The Raspberry Pi can be set up to handle realtime, low-latency audio but it requires quite some tweaking. Hence th…, , ,
Sound Card Support for Linux with Laptops howtos_and_faqs hardware_linux,
Sound HOWTO howtos_and_faqs
Sound Playing HOWTO howtos_and_faqs
Streaming Media With Linux in-depth article on using software for both the client and server sides on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips network_audio howtos_an…, ,
ThinkPad 390e sound_cards_and_drivers howtos_and_faqs hardware_linux, ,
Linux sound for the ThinkPad 390e an overview from Allin Cottrell hardware_linux sound_cards_and_drivers howtos_and_faqs, ,
IBM ThinkPad 390e configuring audio and multimedia sound_cards_and_drivers howtos_and_faqs hardware_linux, ,
Using the Hammerfall HDSP on Linux howtos_and_faqs hardware_linux,
Using VST Plugins In Linux on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips vst howtos_and_faqs and_now_for_something_rather_different, , ,
Writing Audio Applications With JACK - A Tutorial/Journal excellent instruction from James Shuttleworth howtos_and_faqs jack development, ,
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