Speech software

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comp.speechvery informative Web page with FAQ 
EmuCollection of software for the creation, manipulation and analysis of speech databases
Festivalspeech synthesis system 
Festvoxa suite of tools for building synthesized voices for Festival 
FlingerMIDI-to-speech synthesis system based on the Festival package
Flitea light-weight alternative to Festival for voices built using FestVox 
FreeTTSJava-based text to speech synthesis 
IMPSKEGUI for Klatt formant synthesis algorithms
ISIP Speech Recognition Toolkitlists many other interesting speech-to-text tools
KPE80Klatt speech synthesis GUI 
JovieKDE text-to-speech synthesis system 
LiarLiarvoice stress detection software 
MBROLAeasy-to-use CLI speech synthesis project 
Open-Source Speech Recognition Initiative (OSSRI)project that intends to develop continuous-speech recognition software with command-and-control functionality that runs on Open Source platforms such as Linux
Open Mind Speechspeech recognition, formerly known as FreeSpeech 
Praatcomprehensive speech analysis, synthesis, and manipulation package 
Puh Editorfor collaborative annotation of multimodal spoken language resources
rsynththe venerable speech synthesizer, required by many TTS readers1994-11-08 
rsynth on SourceForgeprovides sources under the Artistic License and the GPL2005-12-16 
SFSSpeech Filing System, set of X-based and command-line tools 
speechd-elEmacs speech output interface 
Speech Linksa formidable collection of speech-related WWW, ftp, and newsgroup links 
Speexpatent-free codec designed especially for speech 
Sphinxopen-source speech recognition from CMU 
spwavea speech file editor supporting several sound formats2002-05-08
TkFestivalTk GUI for Festival2009 
VoiceApp"program to visualize sound waves via FFT"
VoxpakGUI for playing, editing, renaming etc. voice and fax messages2002 
XVoice"..enables continuous speech to text dictation for many X applications" 
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