Speech software

comp.speech Speech FAQ speech_software and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs , ,
Emacspeak speech_software
Emu speech_software unmaintained ,
Festival speech synthesis system Related: development speech_software ,
Festvox suite of tools for building synthesized voices for Festival. festival speech_software ,
Flinger MIDI-to-speech synthesis system based on the Festival package festival dead_link speech_software , ,
Flite light-weight alternative to Festival for voices built using Festvox. festival speech_software ,
FreeTTS festival speech_software java , ,
IMPSKE GUI for Klatt formant synthesis algorithms klatt dead_link speech_software , ,
ISIP Speech Recognition Toolkit lists many other interesting speech-to-text tools dead_link speech_software ,
Jovie KDE text-to-speech synthesis system speech_software
KPE80 klatt speech_software ,
LiarLiar speech_software
MBRDICO talking dictionary using MBROLA for speech synth mbrola speech_software ,
MBROLA easy-to-use CLI speech synthesis project Related: speech_software
Open Mind Speech speech_software
Open-Source Speech Recognition Initiative (OSSRI) dead_link speech_software ,
Praat * dissertation writing * <http://www.fon.hum.uva.nl/praat/> “...a comprehensive speech analysis, synthesis, and manipulation package” for phoneticia…
Puh Editor “... a tool for collaborative annotation of multimodal spoken language resources”, requires the SNACK audio toolkit dead_link speech_software ,
rsynth speech_software
rsynth on SourceForge speech_software
SFS (see FTP archive for UNIX/Linux versions) speech_software
Speech Links and_now_for_something_rather_different speech_software ,
speechd-el Emacs speech output interface. uses rsynth. speech_software
Speex speech_software
Sphinx speech_software
spwave dead_link speech_software ,
TkFestival Tk GUI for Festival. festival speech_software ,
VoiceApp dead_link speech_software ,
Voxpak speech_software
XVoice speech_software
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