MOD Trackers/Players

PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
AdLib-S3M PlayerSubroutines for playing Adlib-S3M or MidiS3M files in a QuickBasic program 
BassMODMOD player based on code from the popular XmPLAY and BASS players for Windows. Uses OSS (not ALSA or JACK) 
Buzz Tracker On Linuxhow to make the popular Windows tracker work on Linux 
CheeseTrackerQT-based module tracker with support for LADSPA effects and multiple sound formats2007-12-31
ChibiTrackerAdvanced multi-platform tracker with sample editor, FX and SDL-GUI2008-03-08 
FunktrackerGOLDa FNK module tracker
GModplayCommand-line MOD player. Uses OSS (Not ALSA or JACK) 
insoTrackeran Impulse Tracker 2.xx compatible tracker
klystrackchiptune (8bit music) composing tool2010-03-21 
MikModclassic MOD player with curses or X interface 
MilkytrackerTracker inspired on Fast Tracker 2 for creating .MOD and .XM module files2010-01-01 
MODPlug Playerpopular MOD player now for Linux's own XMMS 
ProTrekkr Audio TrackerA tracker program with software synthesizer and sampler, for (mainly) electronic music2013-10-29 
S3MODMODS3M module player1995-10-21
Schism TrackerFree reimplementation of Impulse Tracker2016-09-16 
SkaleTrackerModule tracker similar to FastTracker22005 
SoundTrackerOld GTK MOD tracker. Uses OSS2006-02-25
The MOD Archivea large collection of MOD music 
UADEis the "Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator" (it does more than just play MODs!) 
United TrackersWebsite about trackers. In german 
xmpCommand-line Module Player 
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