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MOD Trackers/Players

AdLib-S3M Player Subroutines for playing Adlib-S3M or MidiS3M files in a QuickBasic program. mod_trackers_and_players
BassMOD mod_trackers_and_players
Buzz Tracker On Linux mod_trackers_and_players howtos_and_faqs and_now_for_something_rather_different, ,
CheeseTracker QT-based module tracker with support for LADSPA effects and multiple sound formats. jack ladspa mod_trackers_and_players, ,
chibitracker 64-tracks tracker with many features, including builtin sample editor, sound effects (reverb, chorus), themeable SDL-based GUI and importing other…
FunktrackerGOLD mod_trackers_and_players unmaintained,
GModplay mod_trackers_and_players
insoTracker mod_trackers_and_players unmaintained,
klystrack klystrack is a little chiptune (8-bit style music) composing tool that uses klystron. It is comparable to AHX on the Amiga. mod_trackers_and_players
MikMod classic MOD player for Linux with curses or X interface (Be sure to check out this page as well !) mod_trackers_and_players
Milkytracker Module tracker inspired by Fast Tracker 2. An open source, multi-platform music application for creating .MOD and .XM module files. mod_trackers_…
MODPlug Player popular MOD player now for Linux's own XMMS mod_trackers_and_players
ProTrekkr - An audio tracker, sampler, synth ProTrekkr (formerly known as NoiseTrekker by Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius) is a tracker program combining a softwar…
S3MOD MOD/S3M module player unmaintained mod_trackers_and_players,
Schism Tracker Reimplementation of Impulse Tracker. Runs on almost any platform that SDL supports. mod_trackers_and_players
SkaleTracker mod_trackers_and_players
SoundTracker mod_trackers_and_players
The MOD Archive mod_trackers_and_players and_now_for_something_rather_different,
UADE mod_trackers_and_players
United Trackers mod_trackers_and_players and_now_for_something_rather_different other_webpages, ,
xmp mod_trackers_and_players
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