Other Sound Webpages

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Applications for OSS/Linuxa list from 4Front Technologies 
FreeBSD Audio Softwarea list of ported applications 
funetaudio software repository in Finland 
GNUsic"An Open Studio on the Network for Electronic Musicians" 
Linuxaudio.orgDaniel James's brainchild, "... a not-for-profit consortium of companies and libre audio software.. 
Linux Music Stationdedicated to Linux music matters 
Polish Linux Soundexcellent Web site (Polish only!) 
The Shareware Music MachineWebsite for software 
uCappssite dedicated to DIY MIDI hardware developed under Linux 
United TrackersWebsite about trackers. In german 
Vorbis.comHome site for a music compression format similar to if not better than MP3 
Vorbis Xtremesite dedicated to news about OggVorbis
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