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abrowseGTK app reads/converts AKAI S1000/3000 sample CDs 
Continuuman interesting controller 
ThinkPad 390econfiguring audio and multimedia 
KrioKDE interface for the Rio player 
ThinkPad 390ean overview of getting this laptop working 
MIDIatorserial port MIDI hardware from Key Electronics, with links to UNIXLinux drivers 
mirage-diskapp for copying the samples from Ensoniq Mirage diskettes 
MplinuxmanGTK app to manage files on an MPMAN MP3 portable player (models MP-F50 and MP-F60) 
Rio500Linux drivers for managing the Diamond Rio MP3 player
riofilla Perl script to fill a Rio with a random selection of MP3s
Rio Supportsoftware from author Steve Oualline
Sound Card Support for Linux with Laptopsa survey circa 20072007-11-07 
SQ80 Toolkitapp to read/write Ensoniq SQ80 disks 
ThinkPad 390econfiguration page 
tranzportDocs/code for programming Frontier Design's Tranzport wireless USB device 
uCappssite dedicated to DIY MIDI hardware developed under Linux 
native instruments komplete audio 64×4 USB2 interface with SPDIF and MIDI. Listed as supported in ALSA by the manufacturer Some people experience issues powering more than one condenser microphone as it is powered purely via USB. Hardware + Linux, Audio Interface 
e-mu 0404 pcieE-MU 0404 PCIe has: * Two 1/4” Unbalanced Inputs * Two 1/4” Unbalanced Outputs * 24-bit/96kHz S/PDIF In/Out (switchable to AES/EBU) * MIDI In/Out As of August 2013 reported as not supporting higher than 48kHz or duplex 24 bit. Emutrix mixer should support this interface. 
ESI Juli@PCI and PCIe interfaces. * 2×2 24-bit/192kHz * Swappable balanced/unbalanced sockets * S/PDIF * MIDI Described as being Linux compatible via ALSA. * PCIe reported working Hardware + Linux 
focusrite scarlettUSB Audio/MIDI, Audio Interface, Hardware + Linux Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 worked out of the box with my Xubuntu 12.04. Even after many hours of continuous operation there are no instabilities, cyloning or distortions. Very reliable. It works ok up to 96 kHz with JACK. 
Hardware MatrixThis page is intended as a reference for hardware that can be used for recording in Linux. There are other lists, e.g. the Alsa one, but some are out of date and they are not generally aimed at recording. Each device (or family of devices) should have a page detailing the capabilities, what works on Linux and what additional software is required (if any). 
Hardware supportThis page is meant to give a quick, user-friendly overview of current pro and semi-pro audio interfaces. It should reflect the linux driver support state of the ALSA and FFADO projects with a recent >= 2.6.39 stable kernel. Soundcards ~0-200 $us 
M-Audio PCI Interfaces* Audiophile 2496 - 2×2 analog + 2×2 S/PDIF and MIDI. Up to 96kHz/24 bit * Audiophile 192 - 2×2 analog + 2×2 S/PDIF and MIDI. Up to 192kHz/24 bit * Delta 44 - 4 in, 4 out with external connection box * Delta 66 - 6 in, 6 out with external connection box. 4 analogue + S/PDIF * Delta 1010 - 10 in, 10 out with external connection box. 8 analogue + S/PDIF + MIDI * Delta 1010LT - 10 in, 10 out. 8 analogue (2 XLR with mic pre-amps) + S/PDIF + MIDI. May offer better audio quality than 1010(?… 
Raspberry Pi and realtime, low-latency audioThe Raspberry Pi can be set up to handle realtime, low-latency audio but it requires quite some tweaking. Hence this Wiki article in which some common bottlenecks as well as some possible optimizations will be described. Last but not least this article will explain how to get JACK aka jackd running on your RPi. 
samson c01uThe Samson C01U USB Studio Condenser is a microphone to connect directly with your PC. From the product page: Plug in and start recording. No extra gear needed! * Plug in and start recording. No extra gear needed! * Everything you need for recording audio on a computer * 16-Bit resolution, 44.1-48kHz sampling * Cardioid pickup pattern * Large 19mm diaphragm * Smooth, flat frequency response * Includes desktop mic stand, mic clip, USB cable and carry pouch 
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