Sound Cards & Drivers

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4Frontoffers commercially available sound drivers for UNIXLinux 
ALSAadvanced Linux sound architecture project2009-08-31 
AlsaBuilda script to build a preemptive 2.4 kernel with ALSA sound support 
ASIO for WINEa proof-of-concept driver from Robert Reif 
FFADOFFADO is a a generic Linux driver for FireWire based audio devices2009-12-19
FreeBoBFreeBoB is a a generic Linux driver for BeBoB platform based devices
ThinkPad 390econfiguring audio and multimedia 
KasoundQt app lets you easily create the ALSA .asoundrc file 
Linux Soundcard Driversa brief guide for users and developers2001-05-17 
ThinkPad 390ean overview of getting this laptop working 
MIDIatorserial port MIDI hardware from Key Electronics, with links to UNIXLinux drivers 
Midiman/Tascam Firmware Loaderfor MidiSport USB MIDI interfaces and Tascam USB Audio interfaces 
NOTEMIDIkernel module for MIDI output via the RS-232 serial port
OSS/Freeinterface for making and capturing sound. Replaced by ALSA on Linux2009-11-13 
PortMan PC/S Drivernew PC serial port MIDI driver 
Soundcard Attrition PageRichard Dobson's torture tests: Can your board withstand the challenge ? 
sounddriverBash script to start the proper sound driver (OSS or ALSA)2000
ThinkPad 390econfiguration page 
USBUA100OSS (not ALSA) device driver and console program for the Roland UA-100 
Yamaha OPL3-SA2a guide from James Tappin 
Zefiro ZA2 ALSA driverfrom Martin Pahl
Zoltrix Nightingale S/PDIFa guide to modifying the hardware 
USB Audio/MIDIUSB Audio/MIDI * Sound Cards & Drivers 
Intel-HDA JACK low latency howtoHow to get Intel-HDA cards working with low latency, in duplex operation
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