Aliki software for room impulse response measurement jack utilities dsp , ,
ameter An Alsa meter plugin for Linux audio softwares, with a graphical display This program aims at giving level metering capability to Linux Alsa audio prog…
ATSH dsp utilities unmaintained , ,
audiobrowse.bash simple commandline audio preview of directories for sample-artists / musician and producers Because deadsimple audition of directories with sa… , , ,
BeatRoot java utilities ,
Calf Studio Gear Calf Studio Gear is an audio plug-in pack for LV2 and JACK environments under LINUX operating systems. The suite contains 47 effects (delay, m… , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Claudia Session Management Overview Claudia is a powerful GUI frontend for the ladish session manager and is part of the KXStudio project. Claudia has more f… , , ,
Das_Watchdog monitors realtime processes so they won't hang your machine. Based on rt_watchdog, but has some more features and only turns off realtime priority… ,
GJackTransport GJackTransport is a standalone application that provides access to the Jack Audio Connection Kit's, JACK transport mechanism via a dynamic graph… , ,
HASAS unmaintained utilities ,
IRMix mixers utilities ,
JACK bitmeter JACK bitmeter is a diagnostic utility for JACK. As its name might suggest, the bitmeter operates at the bare metal of JACK's I/O layer, looking a… ,
jack_delay This is a small command line JACK app you can use to measure the latency of your sound card. It uses a phase measurements on a set of tones to measu… ,
jackctlmmc / QJackMMC Control JACK transport using Midi Machine Control (MMC) <http://jackctlmmc.sourceforge.net> jack_transport alsa_seq lash midi_software u… , , , , ,
jalv.select A little gtkmm GUI to select lv2 plugs from a list and run them with jalv. Features: select jalv interpreter from combo box, select LV2 plugin fr… , ,
Jnoisemeter a small Jack/GUI app for measuring noise levels to various standards jack utilities ,
Kasound Qt app lets you easily create the ALSA .asoundrc file. primary_resources sound_cards_and_drivers utilities , ,
latency test analyzes scheduling latencies of programs running in realtime under high system loads unmaintained utilities ,
LSA * <https://github.com/mrkkrp/lsa> is LSA, a command similar to Unix LS, but for listing properties of audio files. This is minimal, lightweight, consol…
QAMix mixers utilities ,
RaySession Session Management Overview RaySession is a GNU/Linux session manager for audio programs such as Ardour, Carla, QTractor, Guitarix, Patroneo etc...… , , , ,
rt_watchdog Florian Schmidt's “watchdog daemon that kills runaway SCHED_FIFO tasks” utilities
RTS Tools tools for setting and getting realtime priority utilities
Sample Calculators * <http://mp3.deepsound.net/eng/samples_calculs.php> very useful on-line calculators for time-stretching, pitch-shifting, and transposing… ,
sample-multi-shotifier A sample 'stitcher'. Breath new life into your hardware/software samplers by using multishots + start-sample-offset-parameter. Combine a… , , ,
SampleHive SampleHive let’s you manage your audio samples in a nice and simple way, just add a directory where you store all your samples, or drag and drop a d…
set_rlimits gives unpriviledged users access to realtime scheduling via the new rlimits added to kernel 2.6.12 utilities
SilentJack a silence/dead-air detector for JACK jack utilities ,
sndpeek dsp utilities ,
SonaSound realtime music/sound visualization dsp utilities ,
Sound Ruler acoustic analysis software dsp utilities ,
Soundcard Attrition Page Richard Dobson's torture tests: Can <em>your</em> board withstand the challenge ? sound_cards_and_drivers utilities ,
SSPLab AudioAnalyser (SAA) Tool for analyzing audio signals in terms of its content. dsp utilities ,
Waterfall realtime spectrum analyzer for XMMS dsp utilities ,
wdat utility that “reads and writes to an audio capable SCSI DDS DAT drive” utilities
whitenoise Utility to turn your computer into a random noise generator. An experimental gui for GNOME is also available. utilities
wrk2mid Command line utility for translating WRK (Cakewalk) files into MID (standard MIDI files) new midi_software utilities file_conversion , , ,
xanalyser dsp utilities ,
zita-ajbridge !- << do not remove this special command -! zita-ajbridge provides two applications, zita-a2j and zita-j2a. They allow to use an ALSA device a… ,
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