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Effects Processors

Argotlunar Argotlunar is a tool for creating surreal transformations of audio streams. Specifically, it is a real-time delay-line granulator. It disintegrates …, , , , , , ,
B.Oops Glitch effect sequencer LV2 plugin Key features: * Multi-effect plugin controlled by extended step sequencer patterns * Apply glitch effects in li…, , , , ,
Calf Studio Gear Calf Studio Gear is an audio plug-in pack for LV2 and JACK environments under LINUX operating systems. The suite contains 47 effects (delay, m…, , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Delay Architect A visual, musical editor for delay effects reverb_delay vst,
Dragonfly Reverb A bundle of free audio effect plugins (LV2 and VST) for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. * Hall Reverb * Room Reverb * Plate Reverb * Early…, , ,
freeverb3 Freeverb3 is a sound processing library, which includes sampling rate scaling enabled version of freeverb with some fixes, extended implementation of…,
HybridReverb2 A convolution-based reverberation effect which combines the superior sound quality of a convolution reverb with the tuning capability of a feedba…,
ir effects_processors lv2_plugins reverb_delay, ,
Linux Studio Plugins Project Linux Studio Plugins is a collection of open-source plugins: * Limiter * Dynamic Processor * Expander * Gate * Graphic …, , , , , , ,
lprev low-pass reverberator from the cmusic package reverb_delay dsp,
mverb effects_processors reverb_delay lv2_plugins ladspa_plugin, , ,
sverb simple order-15 CFDN reverb reverb_delay effects_processors,
ZamAudio zam-plugins is a collection of LV2/LADSPA/VST/JACK audio plugins for sound processing developed in-house at ZamAudio. The default settings and almost …, , , , ,
zita-rev1 A reworked version of the reverb originally developed for Aeolus effects_processors reverb_delay ambisonics, ,
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