Soundfile utility

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*2rawC code to convert PAT-format soundfiles, IT samples, and XI instruments to raw soundfiles 
aifc2wavconverts AIFC (IMA4 or SOWT) files to WAV 
An Analysis of Sample Rate Conversion of the "SoX" appon-line technical paper 
AudioMoveQt app that can copy-and-convert multiple audio files with 1 click (batch operation) 
audio convertA script to convert wav, ogg, mp3, mpc, flac, ape or wma files into wav, ogg, mp3, mpc, flac or ape files 
Audio Processing PipelinesAudio processing in batch mode with the "sox" app2001-12-01 
basefManipulates parameters found in AIFF soundfile header. Requires CSound 
Beat MonkeyCalculates soundfile BPM and sample frames. Requires a very old version of GTK
CalcAmpcalculates what factor a sample needs for amplification to maximum volume 
sample-multi-shotifierhack which expands your traditional hardware/software samplers using many-samples-in-one-sample (poor man's soundfont) 
declickCommand-line app removes clicks in a WAV file using a basic peak-threshold1999 
Dolby AC3 to IEC958 ConverterAudio format conversion 
Editing Audio In Linuxtutorial2005-10-11 
fdmfPerl/C command-line app for finding pairs of music files in a collection that are likely to contain the same music. It works on the music itself, not on the filename, tags, or headers. It uses an audio fingerprint, or perceptual hash to recognize the duplicate files 
Gnome Wave CleanerGTK app to remove noise from an audio file 
GramoFileCommand-line app to remove noise from an audio file2001-05-23
LakaiCommand-line apps for data exchange between a Linux PC and AKAI samplers. Needs docs on using the tools 
MFFM Time Scale Modification for AudioTime-stretches an audio file without changing pitch. Audio files are restricted to be mono 16 bit2003
mp32oggPerl script to convert MP3 to Ogg Vorbis file 
OggVorbis Tag Editorincludes a patch for editing tags in XMMS 
SampleCatGTK app for cataloguing and auditioning audio files. Uses JACK2011-11-08
samplescan.shconverts directories with audiosamples into symbolically linked trees sorted on harmonic key/scale 
samplesort.shautomatic audio sample-tagging for lazy artists: converts audiosample-directories into symbolically linked trees sorted on tags (kick/hihat/etc) 
sauditorSimple soundfile browser, displays a spectral analysis of the sound. Uses JACK
SLabioCommand-line apps that provide access to SLab data files2007-04-06
Sonic Annotatorcommand-line app for feature extraction and annotation of audio files using Vamp plugins. Writes to RDF or text file2009 
soundconverterThe sound conversion app for the GNOME environment 
soundfont instr2rawCommandline tool extracts info about WAV/AIFF file loop points 
SoXCommand-line utility that converts various formats of computer audio files in to other formats. It can also apply various effects to these sound files, and play/record audio filesLP  
soxmasterhouseCommandline tool to automate mastering and M/S processing 
SQ80 Toolkitapp to read/write Ensoniq SQ80 disks 
SwamiSoundFont editor and management software.2014-04-25
The Trouble with Vorbisinteresting propositions, with commentary from the Kuro5hin crowd2002-04-26 
VocoditorPerl/GTK comment editor for OggVorbis files
VorbixMulti-file OggVorbis comment editor/encoder 
wavbreaker/wavmergeGUI utilities to split or merge WAV files 
Wavelengthrepairs erroneous data length entry in WAV file header1999-06-20 
WavSplitCommand-line app splits WAV files according to a list of time values 
Which Sounds Better, MP3 or Ogg ?comparison notes from Slashdot readers2001-10-13 
XsoxXforms GUI for "sox"
bash drumloopslicerUsing purely bash. This is handy for automating generation of sample libraries e.g. requirement: bc, sox and vamp-example-plugins warning: this is a bash script, it might break or need some love. new, Vamp, Soundfile utility 
bash seamless loop wavfilebashscript which turns an wavfile into a seamless loopable wavfile (using a crossfade technique). The faderatio indicates the length of the fade used, the higher the number the shorter the fade. Can result in interesting effects when batch-processing random audiosnippets. 
audiobrowse.bash<> - simple commandline audio preview of directories for sample-artists / musician and producers Because deadsimple audition of directories with samples should be easy peasy. bookmark, Simple Player, Soundfile utility, Utilities 
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