soundfont instr2raw

soundfont instr2raw
Description:Commandline tool extracts info about WAV/AIFF file loop points

SF2/XI instrument inspection/conversion utilities + looppoint insertiontools for AIFF/WAV..all for loopedinstrument fanatics

There are many looped instruments out there (.xi/.sf2), and there are many software DAW's (cubase/ableton) and hardware tools (electribe esx/old samplers) which support .wav looppoints. However, there isnt many software out there which uses these features. Also, conversion tools usually cannot be used in batch, which can be a big pita.

The purpose of this package:

  • convert the free legacy of public domain .xi and .sf2 instruments to newer formats
  • purely noncommercial
  • educational
  • conversion of `royalty-`, `license-free` and/or owned instruments

How it works:

The samples and loopingmetadata are extracted from the instrumentfiles, and converted to raw- and txt-files. The shellscript 'convert' easifies batchprocessing of directories.

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