File Conversion

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*2rawC code to convert PAT-format soundfiles, IT samples, and XI instruments to raw soundfiles 
abcMIDIConverts abc score to MIDI file 
aifc2wavconverts AIFC (IMA4 or SOWT) files to WAV 
AudioMoveQt app that can copy-and-convert multiple audio files with 1 click (batch operation) 
audio convertA script to convert wav, ogg, mp3, mpc, flac, ape or wma files into wav, ogg, mp3, mpc, flac or ape files 
sample-multi-shotifierhack which expands your traditional hardware/software samplers using many-samples-in-one-sample (poor man's soundfont) 
Dolby AC3 to IEC958 ConverterAudio format conversion 
Dr Fermi Tabulatorconverts ASCII tablature to a standard MIDI file 
FANRCommand-line WAV to MIDI converter 
GWave Analyzervisualizes/analyzes a WAV file, and extracts melody to MIDI file 
MiyaEsiWAVE file to midi converter2013 
mp32oggPerl script to convert MP3 to Ogg Vorbis file 
ocenaudioCross-platform audio editor and DAW, using the Ocen Framework. Supports multiple tracks and 8, 16, or 32-bit samples. Reads and writes FLAC, MP3, and many other file formats. Uses VST plugins. Uses ALSA direct or PulseAudio. Highly refined GUI.2015-01-05 
sfArkXTcCommand-line decompressor for sfArk-compressed SoundFont files. Doesn't work on version 1 files2007-03-26 
soundconverterThe sound conversion app for the GNOME environment 
SoXCommand-line utility that converts various formats of computer audio files in to other formats. It can also apply various effects to these sound files, and play/record audio filesLP  
WaoNWAV-to-MIDI file converter 
wave2midAudio (WAV) to MIDI conversion. Requires the Octave environment 
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