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Audio Editors

Audacity Audio editor and DAW, in GTK, with support for multiple tracks and 8, 16, or 24/32-bit samples, read/write many file formats, uses LADSPA and VAMP plu…, , , , ,
AudioCutter Cinema Java app with an emphasis on editing “surround” soundfiles java audio_editors,
ecawave audio_editors
Eisenkraut Eisenkraut is a standalone, cross-platform audio file editor using the SuperCollider3 app jack audio_editors META:releasedate=2020-10-06~~,
GLAME audio_editors unmaintained,
GNoise audio_editors unmaintained,
KWave Soundfile editor for KDE audio_editors
Lamp audio_editors ladspa unmaintained, ,
LAoE LAoE means Layer-based Audio Editor, and it is a rich featured graphical audiosample-editor, based on multi-layers, floating-point samples, volume-masks, …,
LoopAuditioneer Loads a .wav file, displays/plays existing markers and loops, and lets you adjust/resave them. Can also create new, cross-faded loops. Uses wxW…
Marlin audio_editors
mhWaveEdit Simple GUI soundfile editor. LADSPA plugin support. Uses ALSA or JACK jack audio_editors ladspa, ,
MiXViews audio_editors unmaintained,
ocenaudio Cross-platform audio editor and DAW, using the Ocen Framework. Supports multiple tracks and 8, 16, or 32-bit samples. Reads and writes FLAC, MP3, and…, , , ,
Polyphone Soundfont Editor More than a simple editor, Polyphone has been designed to efficiently deal with big sets of instruments involving a large amount of …
ReZound ladspa jack unmaintained audio_editors, , ,
Snd Sound editor modelled loosely after Emacs. It can be customized and extended using either s7, Ruby, or Forth. Related projects and documentation: ladsp…, ,
Snd-ls a version of Snd for those of us who “don't know Scheme very well”. snd ladspa jack audio_editors, , ,
Snd-RT realtime audio extensions for Snd. snd alsa_seq ladspa jack audio_editors, , , ,
SndBite “audio editor designed for breaking large recordings into smaller components” audio_editors
Sonic Visualiser advanced waveform/spectrogram viewer and audio annotation editor vamp dssi ladspa jack audio_editors, , , ,
soniK audio_editors unmaintained,
Studio requires Tcl/Tk audio_editors
Swami Sampled Waveforms And Musical Instruments (SWAMI) is a tool in progress for creating, editing, and combining SF2 SoundFonts. Uses JACK. jack audio_edito…, , , , ,
Sweep Audio editor with the ability to “scrub” audio. Supports mult-channel files, read/write many file formats, and LADSPA plugins. Uses OSS, or early ALSA …, ,
WaveSurfer a soundfile editor, requires the Snack extensions audio_editors
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