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CSound Helper

ACCCI John Gather's Amsterdam Catalog of Csound Computer Instruments csound_helper
Ambisonics csound_helper ambisonics,
AthenaCL csound_helper
Autocomp Takes a text file you create containing chord changes, and creates a csound .sco file containing a bass/drum/keyboard accompaniment in a “swing style”…,
basef Manipulates parameters found in AIFF soundfile header. Requires Csound. soundfile_util csound_helper,
blue An Integrated Music Environment, powered by Csound. Blue is an open-source, cross-platform desktop application for composing music. Use visual tools toge…,
Bol Processor Produces music using a set of rules (a compositional grammar) or from text scores that can be typed in or captured from a MIDI instrument. Uses C…, , ,
Cabel Python-based GUI for creating Csound processing networks; see also Modulor a “micro-utility” for the Cabel Csound instrument designer csound_helper
Cecilia powerful GUI and composition environment csound_helper
Ceres create a Csound score from granulation of soundfile jack synthesis_and_composition_packages csound_helper, ,
CMask Csound score generation environment csound_helper
CSFE a Tcl/Tk Csound GUI csound_helper
CSMUSGEN (MU.SE.S) for transforming musical series, requires Csound and FLTK. csound_helper
Csound Journal Steven Yi and James Hearon maintain Hans's high standards on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different csound_helper, ,
Csound Manual the definitive documentation and_now_for_something_rather_different csound_helper,
Csound Realtime Examples a great collection from Iain McCurdy csound_helper
Csound Syntax for Vi set of definitions for Vi/Vim, from Luis Jure csound_helper
csound-x.el Csound-mode package for GNU Emacs csound_helper
Drumachine a score generator for percussion tracks csound_helper
FJenie graphic editor for Csound function tables, requires Java csound_helper java,
Houdini/Csound csound_helper
jcsound a JACK wrapper for Csound. jack csound_helper,
Meloncillo Java-based GUI front-end for audio synthesis server software with spatialization controls (SuperCollider3 or Csound). csound_helper java,
midikb Turns your PC keyboard into a MIDI controller for Csound instruments or MIDI devices supported by OSS (not JACK nor ALSA). midi_software csound_helper …, , ,
NetCsound an on-line rendering service for Csound CSD files. csound_helper
nGen Mikel Kuehn's generator for Csound scores and Standard MIDI files csound_helper
Perlscore “an infant translation of the Csound library to Perl”, from Toby Shepard csound_helper
Pmask an implementation of Cmask in Python from Maurizio Umberto Puxeddu csound_helper
psycops Csound score generation library for Python csound_helper
SAOLsound Provides resources for Csound users interested in exploring SAOL. csound_helper
Scala a powerful software tool for experimentation with musical tunings, can save data in Csound score format. temperament_and_intonation csound_helper,
Scheme Score preprocessor for Csound scores. csound_helper
Scripts: Sound for Csound, PowerPV, and TrikTraks. synthesis_and_composition_packages csound_helper,
SoundSpace a Java GUI for Richard Karpen's space Csound opcode unmaintained csound_helper java, ,
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