CSound Helper

PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
ACCCIJohn Gather's Amsterdam Catalog of Csound Computer Instruments 
AmbisonicsAmbisonics implementation for Csound 
AthenaCL"...an object-oriented, Python-scriptable algorithmic front-end to Csound" 
AutocompTakes a text file you create containing chord changes, and creates a csound .sco file containing a bass/drum/keyboard accompaniment in a "swing style" 
basefManipulates parameters found in AIFF soundfile header. Requires CSound 
blueComposition environment for Csound and Java2010-06-09 
Bol ProcessorProduces music using a set of rules (a compositional grammar) or from text scores that can be typed in or captured from a MIDI instrument 
Ceciliapowerful GUI and composition environment for CSound 
CMaskCsound score generation environment 
CSFEa TclTk Csound GUI 
Csound Manualthe definitive documentation 
Csound Realtime Examplesa great collection from Iain McCurdy 
Csound Syntax for ViSet of definitions for ViVim 
Drumachinea score generator for percussion tracks. Requires CSound 
FJenieJava graphic editor for Csound function tables 
Houdini/CsoundA report on this software combo 
MeloncilloJava program for composition of spatial sound. A GUI allows the placement of interacting objects and editing of trajectories which can generate data evaluated by a sound synthesis application such as SuperCollider or CSound 
midikbCommand-line app turns your PC keyboard into a MIDI controller for Csound instruments or MIDI devices supported by OSS (not JACK nor ALSA) 
NetCsoundOn-line rendering service for Csound CSD files 
nGenGenerator for Csound scores and Standard MIDI files 
Perlscorean infant translation of the Cscore library to Perl 
Pmaskan implementation of Cmask in Python 
psycopsCsound score generation library for Python 
ScalaTool for experimentation with musical tunings, can save data in Csound score format 
Scheme Scorepreprocessor for Csound scores 
Scripts: Soundfor Csound, PowerPV, and TrikTraks 
SoundSpacea Java GUI for Richard Karpen's space Csound opcode1998
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