MIDI Controller Related

PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
aseqjoyTurns a joystick into a MIDI controller. Uses ALSA sequencer interface
clavierGTK-based Virtual MIDI keyboard for controlling external synths 
Midi2KeyPressConverts MIDI input to key presses and mouse clicks2013 
midikbCommand-line app turns your PC keyboard into a MIDI controller for Csound instruments or MIDI devices supported by OSS (not JACK nor ALSA) 
MidiKinesisTurns your MIDI controller into a XWindows (not Wayland) input device. Control an app's GUI with the buttons/sliders on your controller 
MiditoysTurns a Playstation2 into a MIDI control surface 
MIDI ControllerGTK app with graphical sliders/buttons which send MIDI controller (CC) messages. Uses ALSA sequencer interface
Moonyrealtime Lua as programmable glue in LV22017-02-01 
RatónTurns mouse movements into MIDI controller messages 
Sherlockan investigative LV2 plugin bundle 
touchmidiTurns your synaptics touchpad into a midi controller2013 
VMA Virtual Machine LV2 plugin bundle 
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