Description:realtime Lua as programmable glue in LV2
Author:Hanspeter Portner

The design goal of the plugin bundle was to create a tool to easily add realtime programmable logic glue in LV2 plugin graphs.

To have plugins which do a specific task efficiently is great, especially for audio plugins. LV2 stands apart from other audio plugin specifications with its extentable event system based on Atoms. As events can be much more varied in nature and represent pretty much anything (NOT ONLY MIDI), it would be useful to have a tool to create arbitrary event filters for a given setup on-the-fly.

For a given setup, one may need a special event filter only once and it seems to be overkill to write a native LV2 event filter in C/C++ just for that. It would also be nice to have a tool for fast prototyping of new event filters.

A scripting language seems to be ideal for these cases, where the user can write an event filter on a higher level of abstraction on-the-fly. The scripting language needs to be realtime safe, though, which restricts the choices dramatically.

One such scripting language is Lua. It is small, fast, easily embeddable and realtime-safe if coupled to a realtime-safe memory allocator like TLSF.

The Moony plugins can handle LV2 control and atom event ports, only. They do not handle LV2 audio ports. They may eventually handle LV2 control-voltage ports in the future, though. Control port values are internally handled as simple floating point numbers, whereas the atom event ports build on top of the LV2 atom and atom forge C headers.

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