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Synthesis/Composition Tools

Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer is an audio sequencer written in C using GObject and Gtk+. It features a piano roll, as well a synth, matrix ed…, , , , , , , , , , ,
AlgoScore OSC graphical Sequencer A graphical environment for algorithmic composition, where music is constructed directly in an interactive graphical score. T…, ,
Amber * <> granular synthesis for Linux and MacOS general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_composition_pac…, ,
analogbox synth A circuit based, modular software synthesizer. You put sound objects on the screen, connect them together, listen and adjust. When you find…
AUBE/Metadecks A system for sound generation and processing. You can process audio on the fly by setting up arbitrary configurations of sound generators, seque…
Ayyi A modular audio/MIDI production system Proof of concept for Service-based architecture. jack synthesis_and_composition_packages midi_software, ,
BEAST/BSE Beast is a powerful music composition and modular synthesis application. It has excellent technical abilities like multitrack editing, unlimited und…, , ,
Boodler synthesis_and_composition_packages
Ceres create a Csound score from granulation of soundfile jack synthesis_and_composition_packages csound_helper, ,
Ceres3 FFT processor/editor from Stanko Juzbasic unmaintained synthesis_and_composition_packages dsp, ,
Chionic * <> (defunct) Linux sampling software originally from Juan Linietsky, now unmaintained from Chionic's Feature Li…, , ,
ChucK an audio programming language for realtime synthesis, composition, and performance, from Ge Wang and Perry Cook general_synthesis_packages jack synthe…, ,
CLAM Framework for research and application development in the Audio and Music Domain. It offers a conceptual model as well as tools for the analysis, synthesi…,
Cmix * <> is from Paul Lansky and the Princeton Sound Kitchen musicv-based_languages synthesis_and_compos…, ,
cmusic an acoustic compiler program musicv-based_languages synthesis_and_composition_packages,
Common LISP Music * <> comes from Bill Schottstaedt at CCRMA musicv-based_languages synthesis_a…, ,
Common Music Rick Taube's “truly general computer language for music composition” Common Music (CM) is a music composition environment that produces sound …,
COW Cow Outputs Waves is a waveform editor. It generates sounds out of graphs for amplitude and frequency. A handy graphical user interface (using Qt) helps yo…
Csound Barry Vercoe's gift to the world of computer music and sound synthesis Csound is a sound and music synthesis system, providing facilities for composi…, , , ,
Dissociated Studio takes an audio file, segments it, computes a segment similarity matrix, and plays the piece, skipping from segment to similar segment; very …,
fastbreeder An experimental genetic programming synthesiser. jack synthesis_and_composition_packages,
faust * ( - homepage * online internet version * more screenshots * faust2pd - connect to puredata (pd) Faust is a functional…, , , ,
Faust Online This interactive Web site offers the possibility to write your own audio applications or plugins using the Faust compiler online. The website con…, , ,
Faust2Pd puredata faust synthesis_and_composition_packages, ,
FMS Frequency Module Synthesizer synthesis_and_composition_packages
foo scriptable/interactive non-realtime sound synthesis and audio processing environment, from Martin Rumori and the foo Crew general_synthesis_packages syn…,
FScape java synthesis_and_composition_packages,
Fugue * <> music & sound programming language by Roger Dannenberg general_synthesis_packages dead_link synthesis_a…, ,
gAlan Graphical audio language where you connect components like an effects chain. general_synthesis_packages jack synthesis_and_composition_packages, ,
Grammidity Java app generates music via a genetic algorithm. You supply instructions by writing a “grammar file”. midi_software synthesis_and_composition_pa…, , ,
Haskore Computer Music System * Haskore is a collection of Haskell modules designed for creating musical structures in a high-level style similar to functio…,
HyperMammut synthesis_and_composition_packages
InSpect synthesis_and_composition_packages unmaintained,
jackMiniSynth a minimal subtractive synth (with Moog filter) for JACK spiralsynth softsynths_and_samplers synthesis_and_composition_packages, ,
JASS * <> the Java Audio Synthesis System, from Kees van den Doel general_synthesis_packages java jack_session synthesi…, , ,
Javasynth Java-based system for creating fully working modular audio systems, which are assembled with programmed functional components. java synthesis_and_…,
JFugue * <> Dave Koelle's Java API for music programming general_music_composition_analysis_packages java synthesis_and_composition…, ,
jMax MAX for Linux and Java, from Fran&ccedil;ois D&eacute;chelle's team at IRCAM jMax is a visual programming environment for building interactive real-tim…, , ,
JMSL * <> JMSL is a Java API for music composition, interactive performance, and intelligent instrument design. With…, ,
LastWave synthesis_and_composition_packages
Loris * <> sound modeling and morphing software from the CERL Sound Group general_synthesis_packages synthe…,
Mammut Mammut will FFT your sound in one single gigantic analysis (no windows). These spectral data, where the development in time is incorporated in mysteriou…,
MARSYAS synthesis_and_composition_packages
Mathi's Music Magic real-time software synthesizer and audio processor; also available here (RPM only) unmaintained synthesis_and_composition_packages,
MFFM VectorBass MFFM vectorBass is an example of a few things : * A melody line generation tool which lets you plot the pitch, volume and 'generic waveform …
MIDA * <> is MIDA, a minimalistic language for generation of MIDI files. MIDA is a minimalistic language for algorithmic gene…,
MPEG-4 Structured Audio: Developer Tools a page from John Lazzaro and John Wawrzynek, includes the indispensable sfront general_synthesis_packages synthesis…, ,
Music V * <> Max Mathews music V program ported to gfortran. musicv-based_languages synthesis_and_compo…,
Musica * <> “... aims at the creation of a complete Mathematica package for the exploration of the interconnection between Mat…,
MusicScript * <> “ open-source music scripting language...” general_music_composition_analysis_packages synthesis_…,
Nyquist A sound synthesis and composition language based on a Lisp syntax. Nyquist is an elegant and powerful system based on functional programming. musicv-…,
oa GUI for synthesizing and experimenting with waveforms synthesis_and_composition_packages
OCTAL a project to integrate tracker-style composition with unit generator synthesis, from David O'Toole and the GNU project unmaintained synthesis_and_com…,
OpenMusic * <> the famous software from IRCAM OpenMusic (OM) is a visual programming language based on CommonLisp / …, ,
OpenSoundWorld Amar Chaudhary's “...scalable, extensible programming environment that allows sound designers and musicians to process sound in response to expr…, ,
pd-l2ork A custom version of Pure Data used by the Linux Laptop Orchestra (l2ork). puredata jack alsa_seq max-like_environments synthesis_and_composition_pack…, , , , ,
Pd/Q The Pd/Q external is a Q plugin for Pd. It lets you implement Pd control objects using Q functions, and also enables you to access Q's other computer musi…,
phazor creates ambient textures by a very interesting use of the FFT synthesis_and_composition_packages dead_link,
Polyphone Polyphone is an excellent tool for creating, editing, and combining SoundFonts in the SF2 format. Linux, Mac, and Windows. development linux_based_…, , , , , ,
ProteinMusic converts DNA sequences to music, requires Java general_music_composition_analysis_packages java synthesis_and_composition_packages, ,
Pure Data Programming language for musicians. related: puredata alsa_seq ladspa osc max-like_environments jack synthesis_and_composition_packages, , , , , ,
Random Phase Generator Generates random phase music, as per Steve Reich. Uses OSS for MIDI (not ALSA or JACK), and the old Motif GUI. midi_software synthesi…, ,
Randomposer an automatic-music composer from Stephan Beyer general_music_composition_analysis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages unmaintained, ,
rt_lpc real-time LPC analysis/synthesis/visualization from the Princeton Soundlab general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages,
RTCmix a version of Cmix maintained by Dave Topper, Luke DuBois, Brad Garton, and John Gibson; see also RTmix musicv-based_languages synthesis_and_composit…,
RTmix * <> RTmix is Ivica Ico Bukvic's “performance tool geared towards persons interested in live and interactive electro-acoustic …, , ,
Sapphire an audio synthesis language by Jim Finnis general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages unmaintained, ,
saugns saugns implements the SAU (Scriptable AUdio) language, and is a command-line parser, player, and WAV file writer for SAU scripts. It makes it easy to wr…, , , ,
Scripts: Music * <> routines for Common Music, MIDI and music scripts in Perl, by Drew Krause general_music_composi…,
Scripts: Sound for Csound, PowerPV, and TrikTraks. synthesis_and_composition_packages csound_helper,
Sculptor synthesis_and_composition_packages
SculptTool Command-line app which can import, modify, convert, export and synthesize partial tracking files, additive analysis files and filtering parameter fi…
sfront a translator that converts MP4-SA files into efficient C programs that generate audio for rendering, interactive and network applications general_syn…, ,
sloop.splitter “a realtime sound effect program...generates synthetic sounds from natural ones” synthesis_and_composition_packages dead_link,
SMS spectral Modeling Synthesis \\ general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages dead_link, ,
SNDAN synthesis_and_composition_packages
sonivox This project is a fork of the Android Open Source Project 'platform_external_sonivox', including a CMake based build system to be used not on Android, …, , ,
SoundGrid Graphical music composition, editing, and notation tool in the cartesian coordinate system. java synthesis_and_composition_packages,
SoundHack soundfile analysis/resynthesis and more... synthesis_and_composition_packages
soundmosaic synthesis_and_composition_packages
Soundweave synthesis_and_composition_packages
SpectMorph Analyzes samples of musical instruments, and combines them (morphing). It can be used to construct hybrid sounds, for instance a sound between a tru…,
Spectroscopic Toolkit “64-bit phase oscillators for nanotonal synthesis”, from Pieter Suurmond general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages…, ,
Squeak a Smalltalk-80 environment with built-in support for realtime sound synthesis general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages,
STK Perry Cook's excellent Synthesis ToolKit general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages dead_link, ,
Subvert Audio * <> Niall Moody's “... music program designed to try and stimulate creativity in the user” ge…,
SuperCollider Realtime audio server and object-oriented sound synthesis language. Related Projects and Documentation: [Supercollider Wiki] general_synthes…, , , ,
Syd very neat software synthesizer from Jim Bumgardner synthesis_and_composition_packages
Syncotron Bathysphere Sound Suite interesting sampler/sequencer synthesis_and_composition_packages
Tao physical modelling synthesis language and GUI general_synthesis_packages unmaintained synthesis_and_composition_packages, ,
TAPESTREA “Techniques And Paradigms for Expressive Synthesis, Transformation, and Rendering of Environmental Audio” general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and…,
The MusicKit object-oriented software system for building music, sound, signal processing, and MIDI apps general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_compositi…, , ,
The PLUM Page synthesis_and_composition_packages and_now_for_something_rather_different development, ,
Theo Verelst Additive Synthesis Program an additive synthesis app general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages,
variations algorithmic composition app general_music_composition_analysis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages,
Virtual Sound audio synthesis tools general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages development, ,
vOICe Sonification Applet Peter Meijer's very cool synthesizer, requires a Java-capable browser synthesis_and_composition_packages
wcnt the “WAV Composer Not Toilet” is a non-realtime modular synthesis program synthesis_and_composition_packages
wigwamjam “... grows sounds using your decisions to drive the evolution of genetically programmed synth functions” general_synthesis_packages jack synthesi…, ,
WONDER general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_composition_packages dead_link, ,
wx12Ton * <> utility for composing and analysing 12-tone rows, requires wxWindows general_music_composition_analysis_packa…,
Yoshimi Yoshimi is a software synthesizer, a live soft-DSP audio signal generator. It receives MIDI signals as input either from ALSA MIDI or JACK, and sends d…, , , , , , , ,
Zerius Synth software synthesizer with Java GUI java synthesis_and_composition_packages,
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