Synthesis/Composition Tools

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agsGTK audio sequencer with a piano roll, synth, matrix editor, drum machine, soundfont2 player, mixer and an output panel. Uses ALSA2018
algoscoreA sequencer. Uses CSound and OSC. Construct music with an interactive graphical score.2008-11 
Ambergranular synthesis for Linux and MacOS2006-11-04
analogbox synthA circuit based, modular software synthesizer.2011-03-20 
AyyiModular audio/MIDI production system2011-11-07
CeresCreate a Csound score from granulation of soundfile2009-12-23
ChucKan audio programming language for realtime synthesis, composition, and performance2008-07-16
CLAManalysis, synthesis and processing of audio signals2010-03-05
Common LISP Musicmusic synthesis and signal processing package in the Music V family2008-12-02
Common MusicRick Taube's "truly general computer language for music composition"2011-04-24 
Dissociated Studiotakes an audio file, segments it, computes a segment similarity matrix, and plays the piece ...2001-07-03 
fastbreederexperimental genetic programming synthesiser2006-02-09
Faust2PDmakes it easy to use Faust DSPs with Pd2007-10-17 
Faust OnlineOnline Faust Compiler to write your own audio applications or plugins
FMSFrequency Module Synthesizer. Uses OSS2008-04-07 
FScapeJava audio rendering software for time domain and spectral signal processing, similar to SoundHack 
Fuguemusic and sound programming language by Roger Dannenberg
gAlanGraphical audio language where you connect components like an effects chain2004-09-06
Haskore Computer Music SystemHaskell modules designed for creating musical structures 
JavasynthJava-based system for creating fully working modular audio systems, which are assembled with programmed functional components2003-01-27 
LastWaveGUI app with a signal processing command language with matlab-like syntax which includes a high level object-oriented graphic language. High-level structures such as signals, images, wavelet transforms, extrema representation, short time fourier transform are controlled using the mouse or keyboard. Generate postscript files of anything you draw 
OCTALa project to integrate tracker-style composition with unit generator synthesis
PD/Qa Q plugin for Pd2008-03-11 
phazorcreates ambient textures by a very interesting use of the FFT
PolyphonePolyphone is an excellent tool for creating, editing, and combining SoundFonts in the SF2 format.2014-10-21 
rt_lpcreal-time LPC analysis/synthesis/visualization 
Sapphirean audio synthesis language1995-11-16
SculptToolCommand-line app which can import, modify, convert, export and synthesize partial tracking files, additive analysis files and filtering parameter files generated by programs AudioSculpt, Diphone, SVP and Ceres3. 
sfronta translator that converts MP4-SA files into efficient C programs that generate audio for rendering, interactive and network applications2006-07-30 
sloop.splitter"a realtime sound effect program...generates synthetic sounds from natural ones"
Soundweaveproduces an endless changing sound texture. Starting from a set of given samples it adds sounds randomly to a loop. By manipulating this loop, the sound is always changing 
Squeaka Smalltalk-80 environment with built-in support for realtime sound synthesis 
STKPerry Cook's excellent Synthesis ToolKit2007-12-07
Syncotron Bathysphere Sound Suiteinteresting sampler/sequencer 
The MusicKitobject-oriented software system for building music, sound, signal processing, and MIDI apps 
variationsalgorithmic composition system 
Virtual Soundaudio synthesis tools offering 3 distinct ways to model sounds. The first way is to use standard linear DSP effects. The second way is to use one or more of the physical process models implemented in the library. The third way is to use one of the statistical models to learn something about a real-life sound and then use the model to generate similar sounds, perhaps in conjunction with a DSP effect or another model2004-11-03 
wcntCommand-line not-real-time modular audio synthesis, sequencer, and sampler 
wx12Tonutility for composing and analysing 12-tone rows, requires wxWindows 
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