Description:Minimalistic language for algorithmic generation of MIDI files
Author:Mark Karpov

is MIDA, a minimalistic language for generation of MIDI files.

MIDA is a minimalistic language for algorithmic generation of MIDI files. MIDA is not interactive in sense that you cannot control result of its activity in real time, it is intended for producers and should be used with a DAW. MIDA can help you create variative elements in your music in a very simple way. Since MIDI can control a lot of different instruments, power of MIDA is truly great.

Main reason for MIDA development is to create software tool that can be used in such a way that does not change established workflow, so people could use familiar plugins and software instruments.

The core concept of MIDA is building systems with complex behaviors from very basic and easy-to-understand elements and powerful means of their composition.

Currently MIDA can be used to translate source files into .mid files, and also in interactive mode that will help you to understand how MIDA language works.

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