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Description:Online Faust Compiler to write your own audio applications or plugins

This interactive Web site offers the possibility to write your own audio applications or plugins using the Faust compiler online.

The website contains a catalog of applications written in Faust. Choose the application you are interested in, and follow the '→code' link. This will lead you to the Online Compiler where you can view. edit and even recompile the corresponding application.

Various source and binary formats are available :

  • standalone applications : alsa-gtk, jack-gtk, oss-gtk
  • plugins : ladspa, puredata, Q, supercollider, Max/MSP

Choose the desired format with the 'Architecture' popup menu. Then press the 'See C++ code' to generate the corresponding C++ program.

It is also possible to generate graphical block-diagrams using the 'SVG Diagram' button. You can navigate down the hierarchy of block diagrams by clicking on blue boxes. A click on the white background allows to move up.

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