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Pure Data

Faust2Pd puredata faust synthesis_and_composition_packages, ,
Linux Multimedia with PD and GEM a report on using the Pd/GEM powerhouse for audio/video processing on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips puredata on-line_artic…, , ,
pd-l2ork A custom version of Pure Data used by the Linux Laptop Orchestra (l2ork). puredata jack alsa_seq max-like_environments synthesis_and_composition_pack…, , , , ,
Pd/Q The Pd/Q external is a Q plugin for Pd. It lets you implement Pd control objects using Q functions, and also enables you to access Q's other computer musi…,
Pure Data Programming language for musicians. related: puredata alsa_seq ladspa osc max-like_environments jack synthesis_and_composition_packages, , , , , ,
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