Description:Scriptable AUdio (SAU) Generation System. Command-line parser, player, and format converter for SAU scripts. Supports ALSA, OSS, and (on OpenBSD) sndio.
Author:Joel K. Pettersson

saugns implements the SAU (Scriptable AUdio) language, and is a command-line parser, player, and WAV file writer for SAU scripts. It makes it easy to write script files which play sounds when ran. It's also possible to pipe audio data from it over stdout.

Currently most useful for generating tones, sounds, soundscapes, and simple timed sequences. Can be used tersely and simply for that, but the language still lacks features for music composition without duplicating lots of script content.

Audio generation is supported through the use of the following types of audio generators, and ways of configuring such objects:

  • 'W' – Wave oscillator, various wave types
  • 'R' – Random segments oscillator, various modes and line types; this allows smooth noise, and modulation both of and using noisy signals
  • 'N' – Noise generator, various noise colors and distributions; maximum rate, no frequency control
  • Parameter sweeps, and modulation by connecting objects – for AM/RM & FM/PM
  • An arbitrary number of generators can be used, and changes to their parameters laid out in time


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