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Game Things

Allegro C game programming library (also usable from C++) with sound support. game_things jack development, ,
ALPY ALPY is a 3D sound kit, based op OpenAL, with a Python binding. It is (c) by Bram Stolk, and available under GPL license. Initially, this started out as …, ,
ClanLib a platform-independent game SDK with sound support game_things development,
HawkVoice game-oriented, multiplayer voice-over-network API... designed to be a portable, free, open source code alternative to Microsoft's DirectPlay Voice in…, ,
libgaudio game_things development unmaintained, ,
Linux Games Reviews/listings/videos of games for linux game_things and_now_for_something_rather_different on-line_articles, ,
MAME the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, supports sound & music game_things
OpenAL * <> open-source audio library for games and multimedia applications, sponsored by Creative Labs and Loki Entertainment game…, ,
PLib a suite of game libraries with OpenGL and C++ interfaces, from Steve Baker development game_things,
PSG Player a program for playing Atari tunes unmaintained game_things,
SDL Simple Directmedia Layer library development project game_things development,
Sidplay2 emulates the soundchip of the Commodore C64 game_things
SL Sound Library library for playing, mixing, and modifying sound samples in realtime, designed especially for games and simulations game_things development…, ,
Snes9x Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator with sound support game_things
TinySID game_things
TuxNES emulates the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System, with experimental support for sound game_things
Virtual GameBoy emulates the popular Nintendo game console game_things
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