Game Things

PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
AllegroCC++ game programming library with sound support2012-11-18
ALPY3D sound kit, based on OpenAL, with a Python binding
ClanLiba platform-independent game SDK with sound support2013 
HawkVoiceGame-oriented, multiplayer voice-over-network API
libgaudiosound lib for games2000
Linux GamesReviews/listings/videos of games for linux 
MAMEthe Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, supports sound 
OpenALopen-source audio library for games and multimedia applications, sponsored by Creative Labs and L..
PLiba suite of game libraries with OpenGL and C++ interfaces 
PSG Playera program for playing Atari tunes
SDLcross-platform development library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and graphics hardware via OpenGL 
Sidplay2emulates the soundchip of the Commodore C642004 
SL Sound Librarylibrary for playing, mixing, and modifying sound samples in realtime, designed especially for games. Uses OSS
Snes9xSuper Nintendo Entertainment System emulator with sound support 
TinySIDThe world's smallest SID player 
TuxNESemulates the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System, with experimental support for sound 
Virtual GameBoyemulates the popular Nintendo game console 
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