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Hard Copy

PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
Computer Music: Synthesis, Composition, and PerformanceFamous excellent introductory text by Charles Dodge and Thomas Jerse1997-07-02 
Linux Multimedia GuideA book by Jeff Tranter, currently out of print.1996-10-01 
Notes From The MetalevelRick Taube's excellent book on his Common Music, a must-have for all students and users2004-11-24 
The Book of Linux MusicA book and CD by Dave Phillips, published by No Starch Press2000-09-01
Virtual SoundIntroduction to Csound book2008-08-25 


PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
Achieving Low-Latency Response TimesOld tutorial2000-11-17 
AGNULA/DeMuDi + Pd (Pure Data) Installation Notesinstructions from Derek Holzer and friends2004-12-01
Audio Processing PipelinesAudio processing in batch mode with the "sox" app2001-12-01 
Buzz Tracker On Linuxhow to make the popular Windows tracker work on Linux 
comp.speechvery informative Web page with FAQ 
Converting 78 rpm Records to Modern Media on Linuxa descriptive text from James Tappin2002-04-04 
Creating Audio CDs With Linuxan in-depth hands-on HOWTO2001-01-05 
Developing and Using Snd: Editing Sound Under LinuxA tutorial for the "snd" app2001-10-05 
Editing Audio In Linuxtutorial2005-10-11 
How to fine-tune MPlayerConfigure the MPlayer app2003-03-08 
L'heure de Jazz++Guide for using the Jazz midi sequencer2002-09-01 
LiLAQwiki about how to get high quality sound on a Linux system2008-02-22
LilyPond Guide For Beginnersa set of introductory tutorials from Eugene Cormier 
Radio TimeshiftingHow do it with "ecasound"2003-09-01 
Linux MIDI DemonstrationAn old guide for OSS, made obsolete by ALSA1997-04-01 
Linux MIDI HOWTOValuable advice from Phil Kerr2004-01-01 
Linux MP3 HOWTODescribes the hardware, software and procedures needed to encode, play, mix and stream MP3 sound files under Linux2001 
ltsbGuide to the Linux text-based studio project, especially for blind users2005-12-17 
Modular synthesis with AlsaModularSynth 1.5.4Modular synthesis and its implementation in Dr. Matthias Nagorni's synthesizer2003-01-03 
Quick TootsA website with tutorials of Linux sound/MIDI software 
Sound HOWTOOld info about OSS (not ALSA or JACK)2001-07-16 
Sound Playing HOWTOOld information1998-08-11 
Streaming Media With Linuxin-depth article on using software for both the client and server sides2001-03-23 
Using VST Plugins In LinuxTutorial on Windows VSTs under linux2005-11-27 
Linux Audio User FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)General Q: Where to ask a question ? A: There are different mailing lists. Visit Resources at and Lists Q: How to optimize my system for audio / midi ? A: For some uses, it can be helpful to run a realtime (RT) kernel, but generally this isn't necessary anymore. See the following JACK FAQ entry: Do I need a realtime kernel to use realtime scheduling? 


PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
Linux Laptop Sound ConfigurationSound setup for an HP Omnibook 41502002-09-19 
ThinkPad 390ean overview of getting this laptop working 
Sound Card Support for Linux with Laptopsa survey circa 20072007-11-07 
ThinkPad 390econfiguration page 
Using the Hammerfall HDSP on LinuxHOWTO get this RME audio hardware working 
Intel-HDA JACK low latency howtoHow to get Intel-HDA cards working with low latency, in duplex operation
Raspberry Pi and realtime, low-latency audioThe Raspberry Pi can be set up to handle realtime, low-latency audio but it requires quite some tweaking. Hence this Wiki article in which some common bottlenecks as well as some possible optimizations will be described. Last but not least this article will explain how to get JACK aka jackd running on your RPi. 

Manuals and Other Documentation

Online Articles

PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
64 Studio: Building a native 64-bit creative distributionanother fine article from Daniel James2006-02-22 
About the MODhistory and other information about making and playing music in the MOD format2000-12-01 
An Analysis of Sample Rate Conversion of the "SoX" appon-line technical paper 
Audio Librea PDF file of the first installment from Daniel James's new column for 
A Jazz Improvisation Primeran excellent first guide from Marc Sabatella 
A Profile of SoundTrackera look at Michael Krause's excellent music module tracker2001-01-01 
Best Soundcard For DJing With Linuxpoll results at OpenJay.org2005-10-26 
Community-Based Recording Studios: A Look into the Futurea Linux Journal article by Tom Poe2002-05-02 
Computer Music and the Linux Operating System: A Report from the FrontArticle (in PDF format) from "the Computer Music Journal"2003-11-01 
Csound for LinuxHow it was back in 19991999-02-01 
Csound Journalarticles2008-06-21 
Digital Rights ManagementDaniel James asks the question in Sound On Sound2003-08-01 
Fervent Software's Studio To Go!a review from Brad Fuller2005-08-31 
Free Music Homepagea manifesto regarding music as a free commodity a la Linux and the GPL 
GNU/Linux DVD Player Reviewa look-see from Jon Kent On-line articles, Not software2002-05-06 
Inside a Luxury Synth: Creating the Linux-Powered Korg OASYSPeter Kim takes a look within2005-11-09 
Introduction to Linux AudioFilippo Pappalardo spills the facts for readers of OSNews2004-04-14 
Linux-SoundeditorenReview of Linux sound editors circa 20042004-06-01 
Linux 2.6: A Breakthrough for Embedded SystemsBrandon White gives us the low-down2003-09-09 
Linux Audio Development: A Report from Karlsruhenotes from the first meeting of the Linux Audio Developers group2003-04-01 
Linux Audio Plug-Ins: A Look Into LADSPAintroductory text for users and developers2001-02-02LP  
Linux Audio Software ReviewFor Russian readers2004-03-07 
Linux GamesReviews/listings/videos of games for linux 
Linux Multimediaa brief survey2002 
Linux Multimedia with PD and GEMa report on using the Pd/GEM powerhouse for audiovideo processing2002-09-01 
Linux Soundcard Driversa brief guide for users and developers2001-05-17 
Linux Sound SupportReport from 19941994-08-01 
Linux User and DeveloperA website with articles on Linux audio 
Mackie Digs In with TracktionReview2004-01-01 
Michael Iber: On Free Software And Contemporary MusicGoetz Dipper's radio transcript; text in German only2006-05-15 
Linux in the Mirror Image StudiosSound on Sound profiles Ron Parker's use of Linux audio software at his Studio2004-02-01 
Mplayer: The Project from HellLess-than-satisfactory experience with my favorite MPEG/AVI/ASF player2001-12-17 
Museum Sound Powered By Linuxnotes on a project from Benno Senoner2003-10-25 
Music to Feed Your Soulnice article by Marcel Gagné from his Cooking With Linux column2001-01-01 
Network Musical Performanceperspectives from sfront's John Lazzaro and John Wawrzynek2001-10-01 
Noisy Pythonbrief overview of some soundapps for Python2001-10-25 
Notation Editors Under Linuxa look at notation editors for producing sheet music (especially focused on MUP)1998-09-01 
OpenAL Explaineda survey of the project's status in the year 20002000-10-13 
Opening Up the PlayStation 2 with Linuxvery brief look at a development kit from Sony2002-03-21 
Open Source Music Softwarevery good article by Daniel James2003-02-01 
Porting SGI Audio Applications to Linuxa report on some early work1998-09-01 
Product Review: The CodeWeavers CrossOver Plugina look at a remarkable plugin that brings QuickTime support to Linux2002-04-01 
Professional Audio Closer to Linuxheads-up article on OSNews2002-08-10 
5 Linux Media Players: Which is the Best Fit?review2012 
Rockin' in the Free (Software) Worlda look at the software available for Linux guitarists2001-07-20 
RTcmix for Linux: Part 1Dave Topper's excellent introductory article for The Linux Journal2000-10-01 
Sculptor: A Real Time Phase VocoderNick Bailey describes his very cool software1998-10-01 
Setting Up A Multitrack Audio Recording StudioAlex Heizer describes a basic Linux home recording system2001-09-05 
Snake dance: The Kamaelia streaming media systema description from Daniel James2005-10-12 
Songs in the Key of F12nice Wired article with reference to Geoff Matters of GDAM2002-05-01 
Soundings: Explorations In Linux Soundgood article by Larry Ayers for the Linux Gazette1999-11-01 
Sound and Music Softwarea review circa 20012001-12-15 
Sound And Vision: Max Matthewsbrief heads-up article from SFweekly.com2002-03-13 
Sound Savings: Portable Audio Recorder Takes On Tapegood article regarding PDAudio2003-05-29 
Spiral Synthesismaterials from Tracy Lind Petersen 
The Linux Recording StudioAaron Trumm reveals his plans in the May 2004 issue of the Linux Journal2004-05-01 
The Linux Soundfile Editor Roundupa survey of the field2004-06-01 
The State Of Recordable DVDspointers from Slashdot readers2011 
The Trouble with Vorbisinteresting propositions, with commentary from the Kuro5hin crowd2002-04-26 
Tuning By Ratiosan informative page from Robert Asmussen 
Tux In The Studioinstructions on home recording with Linux, from Dave Fancella2004-10-22 
Which Sounds Better, MP3 or Ogg ?comparison notes from Slashdot readers2001-10-13 


PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
Der Pinguin auf dem Weg ins TonstudioFrank Barknecht interviews Paul Davis for DeutschlandRadio (in German)2003-07-12 
Interview With Dr. Richard BoulangerOne the leading lights of Csound is interviewed by The Linux Gazette2003-11-01 
Interview with Hannu Savolainen and Dev Mazumdargetting to know the OSSLinux guys at 4Front Technologies1999-07-01 
Interview with Iain DuncanFrom John Littler's Mstation, a very good report on recent developments in Csound2002-09-01 
Interview with Steve HarrisInterview with the famed LADSPA plugin developer2002-06-01 
Mstation InterviewsConrad Parker of Sweep fame and Erik de Castro Lopo, author of libsndfile 
Rosegarden Developers InterviewHoward Wen chats with the minds behind the software2004-12-16 
Sounds Expo: Linux DAW - A Realityan interviewvideo with Daniel James and Damien Cirotteau at the London Sounds Expo 

Documentation for Developers

PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
ALSA Programming HOWTOA guide for the perplexed2010 
Driving One's Own Audio DeviceWrite a custom (not ALSA) kernel driver1998-09-01 
Ptolemyhomepage for the Ptolemy Project of the DSP Design Group at UCB 
tranzportDocs/code for programming Frontier Design's Tranzport wireless USB device 

Wikis, Fora, Blogs etc.


PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
ALSA Wikiunofficial wiki about ALSA, the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture 
Audacity Wiki* <> wiki, Not software 
LiLAQwiki about how to get high quality sound on a Linux system2008-02-22
LinuxMAOa French-speaking community for worldwide Linux audio users. It includes a wiki, a forum, an IRC channel and others stuffs 
Linux Artista resource for artists (including the sonic types) using Linux 
Pd Wikiwiki, Not software, Unmaintained projects
Ruccas.orga wiki-based site for "unconventional computer and electronic art" 


PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
kvraudiogood site for locating VST/VSTi plugins 
LinuxMAOa French-speaking community for worldwide Linux audio users. It includes a wiki, a forum, an IRC channel and others stuffs 
LinuxMusicians ForumAn active community of Linux Musicians 
Studio Forum - Linuxa support/discussion forum in Swedish and Norwegian for newcomers to Linux audio 


A 'planet' aggregating linux audio-related blogs can be found at

Mailing Lists

PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
LAAlinux audio announcement email list 
LADlinux audio developers email list 
LATlinux audio tuning email list 
LAUlinux audio users email list 
Linux Audio Developersthe LAD list is dedicated to "discussion of topics relevant to audio under Linux, with an accent .. 
Linux Audio Usersa mail-list for people focused on using rather than hacking Linux audio applications 


PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
kvraudiogood site for locating VST/VSTi plugins 
Linux.MP3 Toolsregarding MP3 + Linux2005 
Linux MP3 Players Project Pagea guide to the hard and the soft...
MP3'Techa great source for technical information on the MP3 format 
R-BOSSan open platform to freely exchange information and technical development for the professional broadcast community 
SLab Pagean unofficial information page about SLab 
Linux Soundapps siteLinux Soundapps site2005-05-09 
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