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Der Pinguin auf dem Weg ins Tonstudio Frank Barknecht interviews Paul Davis for DeutschlandRadio (in German) and_now_for_something_rather_different intervie…,
Interview With Andrew Morton KernelTrap talks with the author of the low-latency patches. interviews and_now_for_something_rather_different dead_link, ,
Interview With Dr. Richard Boulanger One the leading lights of Csound is interviewed by The Linux Gazette. interviews csound and_now_for_something_rather_di…, ,
Interview with Hannu Savolainen and Dev Mazumdar getting to know the OSS guys at 4Front Technologies on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips oss and_now_for_somet…, , ,
Interview with Iain Duncan From John Littler's Mstation, a very good report on recent developments in Csound. interviews csound and_now_for_something_rather…, ,
Interview with Steve Harris Interview with the famed LADSPA plugin developer. interviews and_now_for_something_rather_different,
Mstation Interviews John Littler chats with Conrad Parker of Sweep fame and Erik de Castro Lopo, author of libsndfile and the Secret Rabbit Code interviews …,
Rosegarden Developers Interview Howard Wen chats with the minds behind the software rosegarden interviews,
Sounds Expo: Linux DAW - A Reality an interview/video with Daniel James and Damien Cirotteau at the London Sounds Expo interviews
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