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Audio Transcriber/Recordera PerlTk utility for transferring audio tapes and LPs to CD
BurnITJAVA front-end for mkisofs and cdrecord
cdda2wavutility for cdrom drives that are capable of sending audio cd data in digital form to your host 
CDimg|toolsset of command line tools to manipulate CD/DVD images of certain formats2013-03-01 
CDoxtool for creating CD covers, requires Java
cdparanoiaan improved version of the cdda2wav CD audio grabber 
cdr"CreateDuplicateRip" front-end for ripping and encoding audio from CD
cdrdaoCommand-line app to record audio or data CD-Rs in disk-at-once (DAO) mode 
CdrecordCommand line apps that record CD/DVD/BluRay media 
cdreddriver for remote audio CDs, from Hector Escolar Garcia 
cdrom_speedlets the user decrease CD-ROM drive speed, specially suitable for playing MP3's from your CD 
cdwriteOld command-line CD writing software1995
cuetoolsutilities for working with CD cue files and TOC files
dagrabaudio grabber, CD to WAV
Disc-CoverProduce covers for audio cds. It scans audio cds and uses information from the cddb database to build a back and front cover for the cd. The cover is output in Latex, Dvi, Pdf or Postscript 
gcombustGUI for mkisofs and cdrecord
GRipGtk GUI for CD-rippers such as cdparanoia and cdda2wav
jackconsole-based CD ripper2004-12-12 
Koversimple KDE utility for creating inserts for CD jewel boxes 
Linux DVD PlayersA look at what's out there2003-12-01 
MP3cCommand-line audio CD ripper + MP3 encoder2006-07-30 
Mp3Makeapp that glues together cd-to-mp3 rippers and encoders, and a cddb database2000-01-12 
PhonoRipperutility for ripping and recording audio CDs, requires SNACK
ripperXGTK program to rip CD audio tracks and encode them to the Ogg, MP3, or FLAC formats. Easy to use, requiring only a few mouse clicks to convert an entire album. It supports CDDB lookups for album and track information 
shn2makeutility to automate recording CDs and encoding MP3 and Ogg files from shn files 
tocgencommand-line cdrdao TOC file generator
VmusicCD database app. Requires Python and Tkinter 
wav2cdrconversion utility to prepare WAV files for CD recording
X-CD-Roast"cdrecord" GUI2014 
XMp3Burnburn MP3 files directly to CD 
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