Telephony & A/V Conferencing

Asterisk * <> open-source PBX for Linux, from Mark Spencer and others telephony_and_a_v_conferencing
Bayonne the GNU voice server/telephony project telephony_and_a_v_conferencing
Ekiga * <> formerly GnomeMeeting), videoconferencing/VOIP telephony application that makes audio/video calls to users with H.323…
erikyyyphone * <> Internet audio conferencing application, uses very little bandwith and handles network lags intelligent… ,
FreePhone * <> Internet telephony tool from INRIA telephony_and_a_v_conferencing
I hear you telephony_and_a_v_conferencing
Intercom “a simple voice over IP (VoIP) utility” unmaintained telephony_and_a_v_conferencing ,
JVOIPLIB telephony_and_a_v_conferencing unmaintained development , ,
KPhone * <> “... is a SIP user agent for Linux, with which you can initiate VoIP connections over the Internet” te…
linphone * <> more VoIP for Linux, from Simon Morlat telephony_and_a_v_conferencing
SUMOVER formerly the Robust Audio Tool, open-source streaming audio and conferencing software from UCL telephony_and_a_v_conferencing unmaintained ,
VOCP System Perl-based TAM/fax system, runs on top of vgetty telephony_and_a_v_conferencing dead_link ,
Whisper modular software for handling local or remote data streams, includes a VoIP application telephony_and_a_v_conferencing unmaintained ,
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