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Alikisoftware for room impulse response measurement2011-01-30
Almus VCUCommand-line app makes a computer equipped with a multi-channel sound card into a real-time versatile convolver unit. Uses ALSA2006 
ATSHOld GTK1 app for analysis, transformation, and synthesis of digital sound by means of the ATS system
BruteFIRCommand-line app to apply long FIR filters to multi-channel digital audio, offline or in realtime. Filters, Convolution, Development, dsp 
Ceres3Spectral editor with musically enhanced graphic control over spectral activity of a sound file. Requires old Motif GUI kit
diracC/C++ object library that redefines the limits of what todays’ technology can do for your app if you want to change the speed and pitch of music independently without sacrificing quality 
DRCGenerates digital room correction FIR filters to be used within HiFi systems in conjunction with real-time convolution engines like BruteFIR2012 
dsplabXForms-based DSP visualization and manipulation software
FFTWC subroutine library for the "Fastest Fourier Transform in the West" 
FiviewGraphically design/view a filter. Generates public domain source code that can be used directly in an app 
FlowDesignerinteresting visual environment for building audio and signal processing applications 
FreeADSPAudio-oriented, real-time, cross-platform DSP software 
GuimauveGTK app to compute matching pursuit decomposition on a signal 
guitarixrock guitar effects2017-08-11
GWC-libLibrary to remove noise from audio files 
jeinJava version of "Ein" DSP learning app 
Kiss FFTvery small FFT library, can use either fixed or floating point data types 
LibDSPC++ class library of common digital signal processing functions. Also a wrapper for C 
libsamplerateLibrary for sample-rate conversion 
lprevlow-pass reverberator from the cmusic package 
Maaatean analysis toolkit for MPEG audio files 
Music-DSP Source Code Archivecode for synthesis, filters, analysis, effects, and other DSP functions 
nwfiir audio toolsCommand-line tools to equalize/filter audio from an ALSA input. 
ObjectProDSPX11 GUI for DSP design and implementation
Poles and ZerosGPL source for a filter 
Ptolemyhomepage for the Ptolemy Project of the DSP Design Group at UCB 
PVCan extensive set of phase vocoder tools and utilities 
pyoPython module containing classes for a wide variety of audio signal processing types. Offer primitives, like mathematical operations on audio signal, basic signal processing (filters, delays, synthesis generators, etc.), but also complex algorithms to create sound granulation and others creative audio manipulations. Supports OSC and MIDI2013 
Scilaba large package of mathematics 
SignalgoDSP library for Java 
Signal Applications To Audio Networks (SATAN)"a program that is used for various audio related signal processing tasks"2003
sndpeekPerforms feature extraction on audio files or live audio input with real-time display of waveform, spectrum, and features2003 
SonaSoundrealtime music/sound visualization app 
Sonic FlowC++ libraries and C wrappers for dataflow-inspired audio signal processing 
Sound Ruleracoustic analysis software for measuring and graphing sound and for teaching acoustics 
SSPLab AudioAnalyser (SAA)Tool for analyzing audio signals in terms of its content 
Vocoder16 channel vocoder. Uses JACK 
Waterfallrealtime spectrum analyzer for XMMS2001-03-03 
xanalyserrealtime frequency spectrum analyser for X 
XVOXrealtime vocoder using LPC synthesis 
Zerius VocoderC and Java source code for software channel vocoder 
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