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 +====== saugns ======
 +saugns implements the SAU (Scriptable AUdio) language, and is a command-line parser, player, and WAV file writer for SAU scripts.
 +Currently most useful as a command-line generator for tones and PM/FM/AM sounds. Future goals include a language more suitable for music composition.
 +===== Documentation =====
 +* {{https://​saugns.github.io/​usage.html|Command-line usage examples}}
 +* {{https://​saugns.github.io/​syntax.html|Guide to the SAU syntax}}
 +* {{https://​github.com/​saugns/​saugns/​blob/​master/​doc/​README.SAU|SAU language reference (README.SAU)}}
 +{{tag>​new synthesis_and_composition_packages signal_generators oss alsa sndio}}
 +~~META:​desc=Scriptable AUdio (SAU) Generation System. Command-line parser, player, and format converter for SAU scripts. Supports ALSA, OSS, and sndio (on OpenBSD).~~
 +~~META:​author=Joel K. Pettersson~~
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