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Music Made With Linux

9 Lieder * <> music from Wolfgang Woehl and friends, made with help from Ardour, JAMin, and LADSPA music_made_with_linu… ,
dis-dot-dat * <> music from James Shuttleworth, made with Cheesetracker and Ardour music_made_with_linux and… ,
extudes * <> pieces composed by Frank Barknecht with the help of Pd and MusE music_made_with_linux and_now_for_something_rather_differ… ,
Music Made With Ardour songs and music from Dave Phillips music_made_with_linux and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
NeboGeo * <> music from Dave Griffiths, maker of the incredible SpiralSynth family of Linux music software music_made_with_… ,
pmix & others Ogg and MP3 files from Eric Dantan Rzewnicki music_made_with_linux
Supermarionation An EP by Edinburgh band Supermarionation recorded with Ardour and various LV2 plugins. music_made_with_linux and_now_for_something_rather_d… ,
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