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I would recommend OSC-CSS v2. Since you have aledary made a lot of changes, switching to OSC-CSS v2 is far easier. To begin with you don't need to change anything in your existing database or admin. On the catalog side, the only thing that changes is the html. The programming is the same. Your challenge would be limited to cutting and pasting your catalog side modifications to the same catalog page in OSC CSS v2. OSC 2.3 has some security updates, but these are limited and not that difficult to incorporate into any existing 2.2RC2a or OSC-CSS site. They are The big changes in 2.3 from 2.2RC2a have to do dumping the tables, adding JQuery functioning and making it easier to make design changes from the admin. OSC to CSSv2 does this and more, except for the new admin stuff. However if you are working on your own site, and are familiar enough with how to hack it up' then you are probably making design changes in the CSS and the html of the catalog pages. You'll gain nothing in speed, and add to the complexity to switch to 2.3.

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