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M-Audio Axiom 61



Manufacturer - M-Audio

Released - Unknown

Available - Yes

Estimate price - 400 USD

Linux Support Rating - 5

Device type and interface

Device Type - MIDI Interface, MIDI controller

Interface - USB 1.1

MIDI Interface

MIDI Inputs - 1

MIDI Outputs - 1

MIDI Through ports - 0

MIDI Controller

Whether keyboard present - Yes

Regular knobs - 0

Regular faders - 9

Continuous rotary encoders - 8

Motorized faders - 0


The Windows/Mac software bundled with this device to edit and manage its presets does not support Linux. WINE compatibility of said program is untested (if anyone knows, or has tried, please update this part). The presets can be edited from the Axiom itself, however, and there is no loss of functionality.

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