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rme fireface ucx


The RME Fireface UCX is a professional interface with 18 i/o channel (8 analog, 2 mic preamps), MIDI, S/PDIF and ADAT. It has both Firewire (400) and USB 2.0 (class compliant).

Its not officially supported under Linux.


In CC (Class Compliant) mode the RME Fireface UCX works out of the box without having to use a patched kernel or flashing some firmware (tested in USB).

ALSA will see only one channel, but after installing QJackCtl from Ubuntu-Studio installer everything works.

Listed audio channels in Jack correspond to:

CH 1-8 โ‡’ Analog 6.3mm Jack Out

CH 9 - 10 โ‡’ Spdif

CH 11 -18 โ‡’ Adat/Tosink

You might run some pre-start and post-start scripts from QJackCtl to get rid of some pulseaudio standard routings to the first 2 channels.

See here:

We figured out that custom routings are only loaded when QJackCtl is started from GUI rater than activated from command line only.


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