Supercollider at the LAC

Supercollider will play a role in the Linux Sound Night as a vehicle for live coding.

During the day programme we're trying to offer Supercollider workshops as well. This page is for discussing the options

Beginner workshop (1.5 hours)

Take the first steps in SuperCollider!

SuperCollider has been up and running on Linux since shortly after it was released as open source software. In the past two years, it has become really easy to install on Linux, and is packaged in distributions such as PlanetCCRMA and Pure:Dyne. On Linux there is a choice between three editors: emacs, vim and gedit.

General information on obtaining SuperCollider: SourceForge Download Info. If you do not yet have a Linux system, we recommend downloading Pure:Dyne, which is a live distribution with SuperCollider pre-installed.

In this workshop we will show how to get started with SuperCollider on Linux, how to make a synthesizer patch, and how to control parameters in realtime.

Please drop me a line if you intend to attend this workshop.

Participants should have some basic knowledge of sound synthesis, and not be afraid of code :)

Contact: nescivi _ at _ gmail _ dot _ com

Workshop material: supercollider-lac2010.tar.gz

Advanced workshop (1.5 hours)

For more advanced users of SuperCollider we can offer another workshop covering specific advanced topics. Topics could include:

  • Input and output to devices or other programs (with e.g., MIDI, HID, OSC, SerialPort)
  • Patterns - a different paradigm of composing based on musical sequences
  • Extending SuperCollider - writing your own classes
  • Livecoding with SuperCollider, using the JITLib (just in time library)

For this workshop, please sign up, and let us know what topics you would like to see covered.

Participants should have some previous experience with SuperCollider and be familiar with the most basic concepts and syntax, and navigating through documentation.

Contact: nescivi _ at _ gmail _ dot _ com

LiveCode session at the Linux Sound Night (30 minutes)

Concept of the Olympic Games livecoding environment

Going back to the original Olympic thought of participating is more important than winning, and drawing on ancient Greek tradition of consulting an Oracle to find a new path in life, or gain advice on the path one has taken…

The OlympicGames provide a collaborative, playful competitive livecoding environment, where participants are given alternating a set of UGens to write a SynthDef with, or a set of Pattern elements to write a Pattern with.

The executed code of all participants is visible, both to the audience (by displaying its screen with a projector) and to all participants. So every participant can modify code others have come up with.

To participate, you will need to:

  • Bring your own laptop (or other computer) with wifi, of course with SuperCollider installed.
  • The Republic quark (latest version from
  • And the extensions provided here: Olympic at Github (use git to grab the code…)
  • Send me an email about your intent to join the games!

Contact: nescivi _ at _ gmail _ dot _ com

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