Stream Team Planning

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List of available gear
  • Sony HDR-HC1 cam, does 16:9 720i, mini-jack stereo mic in (CCRMA)
  • Canon GL2 cam, 4:3 DV, Composite out, YC out, 4.2-84mm f1.6-2.9, mini-jack stereo mic in (CCRMA)
  • two Canon Vixia HV30, does 16:9 1080p @ 30fps, f1.8-?, 6.1-61mm, mini jack stereo mic in (Jarek)
  • one unidentified consumer cam (Fernando)
  • good tripod with Manfrotto head+leveling (CCRMA)
  • good tripod with Manfrotto head (no leveling) (Jarek)
  • a few crappy tripods
  • Sony Z-1 (robin) [backup solution only! needs x-atlantic transfer]
  • 1 magic DV repeater VP-314 (Robin)
  • 2 x VP-314 repeaters (CCRMA)
  • 2 x 2066 66ft dv cables (CCRMA)
  • Twinpact100 VGA-to-DV converter (CCRMA) (Twinpact user-manual (PDF))
  • a fallback VGA-to-DV converter
  • one main room for the paper track (Campbell Recital Hall; will have to move somewhere else on the 14th)
  • one or two workshop tracks
  • concert (video optional, we want to stream B-format and stereo and maybe 5.1)

Saturday @ CMEX:

It has a video switcher, very nice projector and control room and three
PTZ cameras (one in the back and two on the left and right of the stage)
that output HD-SDI.

I found my notes, the cameras were Vaddio high resolution PZT, like this:

I could not see the model number but it must have been one of the top three
in that page (probably the HD18 or > 19 from the look of them).

They also had a Miranda 32×32 HD SDI router, a very nice touch control panel in the Stage for controlling
everything and SDI connections on both sides of the Stage, plus RS232 plugs to control the cameras. Again,
more detail when we visit CEMEX again.

We're looking into dvswitch. Robin points out that network links are not latency-compensated1), so all cams must be hooked to the dvswitch machine directly. For the VGA capture, a netlink would be ok.

Jörn has been running current git with the liveMedia layer, and it seems to work as advertised.

No color correction, no scaling, currently no semi-transparent overlays2). The latter should be simple because there is an auto-fade option already - all we need is a manual control.

Robin has a collection of useful streaming scripts at;a=tree;f=tools;

Our network operations guy is Carr Wilkerson carrlane at ccrma .

To do
  • create short intro trailer (CCRMA and lac logos would be nice, Fernando has some sound snippets) – underway:
  • work out a way to receive and decode a B-format stream, perhaps including video
  • document this for users
  • set up a B-format test stream (loop)
a fixed offset can be configured manually, but there are known drift and sync problems.
it is trivial to patch in overlay feature - robin has a working patch - the hard part is to expose it properly in the user-interface – patch @
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