Notes for future LACs

loose collections of thoughts we had during organizing this LAC (to help future organizers)

Music Submissions

if people use filesharing platforms, make sure that they use platforms that

  • allow downloading the files without having to register
  • don't restrict downloads to e.g. “one file every two hours”
  • don't restrict anonymous downloads to e.g. “52kbaud”

if you don't plan to pay the musicians fees (or cover the travel expenses), make this clear from the beginning in the call!

Robin's Website

simply rocks :-)

  • consistent ordering of registrations (i haven't found out the algorithm used for sorting the registered people in the backend. it would be nice to have it either sorted alphabetically or according to registration time)

(rg says: thanks for the heads up. will look into it. It's currently ordered by inode as returned by opendir(3) – might change that at some point it hasn't bother me enough to fix this legacy issue from the last decade, just exported regs to CSV or SQL)

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