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About the Linux Sound Wiki

This Site is an effort of the Linux Audio Community to continue Dave Phillip's great collection of linux audio applications

About: License

The user/reader is free to choose between GFDL and Creative Commons. - More detailed information will be available soon.

About: Framework

This linux-sound-wiki is a dokuwiki installation, with no patches, but a few patched plugins.

It can easily be mirroed (via rsync) and we will extend developer documentation ASAP (April, 2007).

About: Contributors

Currently Ico Bukvic and Daniel James take care of server and hosting issues, while Robin Gareus develops and maintains the wiki.

We are looking for front-end developers, web-designers and wiki-administrators to join in.
Interested? subscribe to the LAD-mailing list.

The initial data-set is an import of Dave's site merged with edits from Hans' lawiki transposed into PERL-major by Robin.

We have received constructive discussion and good ideas from various individual around the Linux Audio Mailing lists, including but not limited to Nedko Arnaudov, Marc-Olivier Barre, Esther Brunner, Hans Fugal, Dave Phillips, Ashton Snelgrove & Richard Spindler.

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