Notes for Editors

Editing page content is easy. Please follow the notes above the edit-toolbar (when editing a page) to get you started with dokuwiki.

Most entries are still barebone meta-information (only visible in box or index) with little extras or few comments.

There is a template of meta-information that we'd like you to fill in. The wiki page can extend as needed.

If you don't know where to start, the Editors Lounge should provide some hints on what needs to be done.

You could also fulfill some user requests.


The meta-information is used to classify entries and provide specific layout independant information

  • each meta entry is unique (eg. there can be only one screenshot per entry)
  • it should be straight forward to fill in or update most meta links like title, desc(-ription), screenshot, link, author etc.
  • Meta:version: latest stable version number
  • Meta:releasedate: the release date of the latest version for a project or the date of the last update for a document (e. g. an online article). Format: yyyy-mm-dd (e. g. 2008-11-31). Please add this information to give other users a hint on how old a specific information/app is.


Tags are use for navigation, link-structure and feature-display. Tags form categories, the members of which are listed in apps/categories/name_of_tag, e. g. Snd

Re-assigning tags is not as easy as we would like to have! At the moment new categories are generated by using a new tag in any wiki page.

  • every entry can have multiple tags (space separated)
  • cut and paste category names (feel free to add tags not listed there if you see a need for them)
  • use underscores within one tag, use space to separates tags: {{tag>first_tag second_tag and_a_third forth}}
  • look up existing category tags and extend this list by hand editing after inventing new tags (this last step will soon be automated)
    • the category page corresponding to a tag is not automatically generated, but has a generate-template (just click create and save).

Creating new entries

Bookmarklet - the easy way

There is the possibility to use this bookmarklet to submit new apps more comfortably.

Manual approach

  • All applications or projects have their own wiki page in /apps:all:name
  • choose a name for the application
  • visit the /apps:all:name directly (e. g.
  • edit the page to create it - we have a button for that, too:
You are not allowed to add pages
  • add tags and meta information as described above

Deleting entries

Clear the page to delete it, but consider a redirect if:

  • the page could be referenced by other pages
  • the page name is an alternative name or shortcut for a project (e. g. clm for Common Lisp Music)

Redirecting pages

Clear the page (particularly the tags section could cause confusion) and add:


E. g. you'd like to redirect “apps:all:sc3” to “apps:all:supercollider”:


Comments on specific entries

We are considering to use dokuwiki also for comments and blogging, but until we decide so, we encourage to add comments directly to a wiki page under an appropriate heading at the bottom.

use the wiki for suggestions or join discussion about ongoing work there.

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