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Open Discussion


We need suggestions and help to improve this site, and are open to brainstorm, ideas, bugs, and feedback in general.. - treat it as a The Playground for discussion and try keep it organized.

Here we go...

Rename / Split long Category Tags

long tag names can be annoying, especially when they are very generic: fi. software_sound_synthesis_and_music_composition_packages.

Current Version and Date Field for Apps Table

For a more expressive overview it would be nice if the applications table had columns listing the latest version it's release date. A “simple audio editor” from 2007 is in many cases more useful than an “advanced editor” from, say 2001.


Application Description Version released Features
Audacity cross-platform soundfile editor with many nice features 1.2.6 2006-10-30 LP

A tag or icon showing that the app is no longer developed would be a good idea, too. Or an option to only show apps that were updated in the last 2 years.

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