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Open Discussion


We need suggestions and help to improve this site, and are open to brainstorm, ideas, bugs, and feedback in general.. - treat it as a The Playground for discussion and try keep it organized.

Here we go...

Rename / Split long Category Tags

long tag names can be annoying, especially when they are very generic: fi. software_sound_synthesis_and_music_composition_packages.

Current Version and Date Field for Apps Table

For a more expressive overview it would be nice if the applications table had columns listing the latest version it's release date. A “simple audio editor” from 2007 is in many cases more useful than an “advanced editor” from, say 2001.


Application Description Version released Features
Audacity cross-platform soundfile editor with many nice features 1.2.6 2006-10-30 LP

Tagging rules for plugins

I ran into some inconsistencies regarding the tagging around plugins. I'd be willing to fix this but don't want to decide on my own.


(my suggestion y/n)

the apps page for plugin type (y)

hosts (n)

plugins (n)

(following this suggestion the category would give an overview over avaliable plugin formats, ATM this category is of little value, containing an incomplete is a mixture of hosts, plugins and plugin systems)

apps page for plugin type? (n)

plugin? (n)

host? (y)

(probably a disadvantage of this suggestion: the little DS, LP or LV2 icons in application lists will only appear with host apps, not with plugins. to me this makes sense, those icons then inform about compatibility, plugins have their own tag (see below))

ok, thats clear, only for plugins

any comments?

Vamp plugins license issue?

I added the Vamp plugin category. Just now I realised that the Vamp SDK is liscensed under a “new-style BSD” licence. Does this give any reason for exclusion of Vamp from this wiki? don't think so but unsure.

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